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Cheats and tips

1. Are you fed up with trolls crushing you? Try to dodge the attacks by clicking B (Xbox 360), Circle (PlayStation 3), or the space bar (PC).

2. Did you know that skill attacks are not limited only to fighting melee? Enter the “Ranged Mode” to see remote attacks. Note: Some of the remote attacks can make an extra damage.

3. The North War has to do with the loot. The color of the element will tell us if it is a common object (white), rare (green), rare (blue), or epic (violet), each with a better quality than the previous one.

4. Did you know that Beleram can attack certain structures, such as turrets or towers? Use the “Ranged Mode” to aim a structure and then call Beleram using a “the great pen”.

5. With any weapon that you use, advise a critical blow in an enemy, the hero mode begins, to be able to win more xp and make extra damage.

6. Did you miss a tutorial message on the screen? Go to the registration and select message tutorial to discover a list of useful tips and cheats.

7. One of the best ways to perfect your combat skills is a challenge map, unlocked after Sarn Ford. Exceeds these challenges to get greater XP.

8. There are many potions that give bonuses to the character. Use Andriel’s race skills to create them, and then put them into practice in a difficult situation.

9. Do you mean your allies to defend their position, or attack a wave of enemies? Press up on the D-Pad (or C on the keyboard) to tell your allies to go to the offensive manner, and below in the D-Pad (or Z on the keyboard) to maintain their position.

10. Do you want to Andriel throw a protection shield around you while playing in the individual mode? Get away from the fray and press down on the D-Pad (so that your companions enter into defensive mode). If there is space for enemies, and she can flee, she will go to your help.

eleven. Do you have to move an item in the inventory? For videoconsola players, select the element on the inventory screen and then hold the “Ranged Attack” button to move it. For PC, simply click on the left, hold the button, drag the object and put it in a new inventory slot.

12. Stay attentive to armor sets. If you equip your player’s armor with pieces of the same type, the bonus of each piece you use will be increased.

13. Is it difficult to break an enemy’s defenses? Keep the lock button pressed and then use your normal melee attack to push the enemy tightly, which will give you the opportunity to hit him.

Steam achievements of the Lord of the Rings: The North War

Achievement |Description
Friend of the Eagles
Sudden fury Execute three critical blows in 10 seconds
Friend of the elves
Where there’s life there’s hope Revive a fallen ally
Enemy hammer Kill 200 enemies
Cruel hand Cause 1.500 damage points with a single melee blow
Tharzog damage
Northern defender Get level 10
Treasury hunter expert Locate 15 golden chests with treasures
Embedded with jewelry Insert an elusive stone into an object
Until ever, lord of carń
They have entrusted the secret
Mordor damage Kill 600 enemies
Tested in combat Get at least 1 range in a line of 3 skills
Dragon matador
Like ray Cause 3.000 Damage points with a single blow at a distance
Tireless While you are in hero mode, run a series of 50 blows
Troll damage Kill the snow trolls
Gwaihir’s favorite Call Beleram 10 times in a game.
Wulfrun’s damage
Ring bearer friend
Dragon Treasury Accumulate 25.000 gold coins
Northern champion Get level 20
Spider killer
In the Dragon Lady
Many acts, big and small Complete 15 missions
Northern hero
Friend of the Kingdom of Forests
Victorious in combat Complete a game at least to normal difficulty.
War machinist Kill 150 enemies with war machines
ˇFor anger and ruin! Kill 4 enemies at the same time
Seeker Discover 25 secrets
Salvador de Águilas
Expert sniper Kill 50 enemies with head shots
Force of our alliance Kill an enemy along with 2 players
Herbal teacher Create 15 potions
Exemplary warrior Unlock all the skills that modify war/sanctuary/evasion for a character.
Combat teacher Open all active skills in a character’s skill tree
The eye without eyelid Complete the research of the worship of the eye without eyelid
Living shield Absorb a total of 25.000 Damage points for 1 level
Legend hero Complete a heading to Heroic Difficulty.
Well-appointed Equipate a complete magic armor
Against all odds Complete a legendary difficulty.

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