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Extra characters

In the options menu, go to the category of extras, enter trick, and introduce the following codes to obtain these characters:


Steam’s achievements from The Lego Movie Videogame

Achievement |Description
ˇ Take your butt! Complete Foreword: Prophecy
ˇPasar him Booomba! You completed Level 1: The construction of Ladiburg
curse! curse! You completed Level 2: Ladiburg escape
Are you a DJ? You completed level 3: Flatbush ravine
ˇ Don’t move! You completed level 4: Flatbush roofs
Everything will be done You completed Level 5: Flatbush flight
first attempt! You completed a construction manual without losing any piece
No sad faces You completed Level 6: Welcome to Cloud Cucolandia
The opposite of happiness You beat 20 enemies with Unikitty (Fury)
every man for himself! You completed Level 7: CuColandia cloud attack
ˇNo you build everything at once! You completed Level 8: CuColandia cloud flight
Cold and humid pants You completed level 9: the depths
For this double sofa You completed level 10: infiltrate the Octan Torre
” See you later, crocodile ” You completed level 11: put this thing in the thing
Pants found… End You completed Level 12: News Bulletin
ˇI’m a builder teacher! You completed level 13: return to reality
Loose all micro bosses You completed Level 14: Ladiburg under attack
You can still change everything You completed level 15: the final confrontation
ˇ Whether read the instructions! You completed all construction manuals in history mode
Bad construction You tried to build a master construction with a character who is not a builder teacher
I superodium right now You played with Superman and Green Lantern
I am the computer You collected all the pieces in any minigame to hack
Dificile? this is impossible! You destroyed 50 enemies with gray beard
ˇPaf, paf, bullet, bullet, gun! You beat 30 enemies with Emmet Vaquero
It’s just about… Megamalo You used Megamalo’s leg machine
Pyrogan You lit a fire
You are the special You got the special at all levels (a player)
Including, but not limited to You bought all the teachers builders
ˇAh! ˇThe Kragy! You used the Kragy gun against 10 people
I could sing this for hours You got 21 fabulous dance steps in the minigame of the work
Not to mention, this is my favorite You got 21 fabulous dance steps in the kragelizer dance minigame
Be dressed… checked! You customized your character
Divided house You played with Abraham Lincoln and Lady Liberty
ˇ Spacenave, spaceship! You completed all the master constructions in the server room with Benny
The prophecy… I invented it You changed from vitruvius to Vitruvius (ghost)
ˇFin of row! You triggered Emmet with Skeleton Robot
To the invisible jet You found and destroyed the invisible jet
ˇGrrr! You destroyed a chair with bad poli
how awful! You changed well (with a painted face) to Poli Malo
Where are my pants? You collected all the pants (a player)
Welcome to Ladriburg You collected all red bricks (a player)
What only you can build You collected all gold instruction manuals
The special people in your life You bought all the characters (a player)
The touch of Midas You completed all golden construction manuals
Business, Business, Business You collected pieces
ˇ All is fabulous! You completed 100% game
ˇAyayaya! You beat 20 enemies with sheriff no-robot
Something is going to hit… You used the Kragy gun to shoot Mama Poli and Pope Poly in the relic room

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