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Golden plates

Enter these codes on the official game page to get golden plates.


Bigfoot wink

Travel to Seattle station. Put a guide to the northern waterfalls in the east. Use an off -road vehicle and drive on the road to the mountains in the Northern Waterfall forest, the navigation line will take you to a land road and then you must enter the hill. In that area you will find the famous Bigfoot or “feetgrandes”.

area 51

Area 51 is a legend about a secret military zone in the United States where aliens were investigated.

From the Mountain States area he travels to the Mojave desert border as if you entered the west bushes. There is a little base to the north of the Speed Skill 91 challenge. From there, you will see a great dish inside an area with gates.

Dirt Hotrod

Collect the 20 car pieces on the east coast of the region to unlock the Dirt Spec Hoterod in your headquarters.


Collect the 20 parts of the car in the central region to unlock the Street Spec Hotrod in your headquarters.

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