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Extra costumes

Finish the following tasks to unlock the costumes:

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): The story begins.Amazing Spider-Man (2014): History begins.Big Time: Clean a Russian hiding place.Cosmic Spider-Man: Reserve bonus.Electro-Proof: Downloadable content.Flipside: Clean a Russian hiding place.Hornet: Complete all 15 career challenges.Iron Spider Armor: Reserve Bonus.Noir Spider-Man: Reserve bonus.Ricochet: It is achieved during the story mode.Scarlet Spider: Clean all Russian hiding places.Spider-Armor: Clean a Russian hiding place.Spider-Carnage: The game ends at any difficulty level.Spider-Man 2099: Clean a Russian hiding place.Superior Spider-Man: Complete the 12 combat challenges.Symbiote: Reserve bonus.Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Chapter 6 ends.Vigilante: History begins.

Steam Achievements of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Achievement |Description
Authentic hero Heroism to the fullest
Tied You have defeated 25 enemies making stealthy eliminations
The biter bit
Fight in love
It’s over?
You are stopped
The green Goblin
It’s over
The key is to choose the moment You have achieved 100 critical impacts
Light weight You have defeated 100 enemies
Middleweight You have defeated 300 enemies
Justice You have completed 10 situations of minor crimes
Fire friend You have damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him
Shotgun You have achieved the ability of a seismic burst
Human You have completed the game in human difficulty
down! You have made 15 characteristic movements
Devastating You have destroyed 20 armor
Know your enemies You have unlocked the biographies of all the characters
ˇSuéltala! You have disarmed 50 enemies
You can’t reach me You have achieved 30 multiple evasions
Secretive You have completed a hiding place without seeing you
Hero You have completed the game in difficulty hero
I’m on a roll! You have achieved a streak of 42 blows
Infiltration You have completed all hiding places
People’s hero You have saved 50 civilians
Guardian angel You have completed 10 rescue situations
Air attack
Network Master You have made 50 characteristic movements
Super Hero You have completed the game in difficulty superhero
Reporter You have completed all photographic challenges
Killer hunter
In fashion You have unlocked all the costumes
fighter! You have completed all combat challenges
Heavyweight You have defeated 500 enemies
Ultimate Spiderman You have reached the maximum level with all the costumes
Artistic vein You have unlocked all the design
Order agent You have completed 10 lock situations
Firefighter You have completed 10 flame building situations
Sprinter You have completed 5 races
Library mouse You have gathered all Spiderman comics
Lover You have recovered all the parts of the Diario de la Gata Negra
Special agent You have recovered all parts of the Menken Diary
Investigator You have recovered all parts of the detective’s diary

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