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A new file begins and put the following names to create different effects.

Ass mode (many words change for the word “butt”) x & butt

Lunarj &!JSMP

Supersaltoj & 2jmp!

Giantaygvyuwsw mode

More giantrgsvpw mode


Steam Shovel Knight achievements

Achievement |Description
Shopping Acquire your first item. (Shovel Knight)
Who with fire plays Use common sense and caution near the bonfires. (Shovel Knight)
Millonetis Gastate 25,000 pieces of gold. (Shovel Knight)
Cuatreros Defeat four members of the order without barracks. (Shovel Knight)
Of cap Help all store gorrones. (Shovel Knight)
Findings Defeat all wandering knights. (Shovel Knight)
Acolyte Discover the secrets of King Truchanzana. (Shovel Knight)
victory! Complete the game. (Shovel Knight)
Championship Solve the problems of the champions mansion. (Shovel Knight)
To palazos Acquire all the improvements available for your shovel. (Shovel Knight)
Juggler Impresses Mona with your ability. (Shovel Knight)
Low fishing Catch a piece in 5 fishing points. (Shovel Knight)
And placeing Complete any level without dying. (Shovel Knight)
Icoría Get a sample of all the icores of King Truchanzana. (Shovel Knight)
Todologist Acquire or unlock all relics, equipment and improvements. (Shovel Knight)
PERFATING Rescue 2000 pieces from skewers using the phase medallion. (Shovel Knight)
In the hoop Jump for 5 seconds in the ring of the girl of the hoop. (Shovel Knight)
On a diet Complete a level without eating anything. (Shovel Knight)
Sizzling Ends with a boss using sparks. (Shovel Knight)
Knuckles Stay in the air more than 4 seconds using dusty knuckles. (Shovel Knight)
Anchorage Defeat 3 enemies by launching a single throwing anchor. (Shovel Knight)
Soplamocos Defeat 5 enemies using war horn. (Shovel Knight)
Round Defeat 5 enemies in 5 seconds using the sphere of chaos. (Shovel Knight)
Crossing Destroys all control points of a level. (Shovel Knight)
Let’s reflect Stop your enemies with reflected projectiles 30 times. (Shovel Knight)
Hucha Fill the two mysterious bars of the tower. (Specter Knight)
Where they give them Defeat Black Knight with a reflected blow. (Shovel Knight)
out of here! Find the secret room of Plague Knight. (Plague Knight)
Reliquary Defeat an enemy using all relics. (Shovel Knight)
In full flight Defeat 3 enemies using the propellant dagger without touching the ground. (Shovel Knight)
Sapience Listen to all croador nonsense. (Shovel Knight)
victory! Complete the game. (Plague Knight)
Melómanía Deliver all scores. (Shovel Knight)
victory! Complete the game. (Specter Knight)
Maximate yourself Buy or unlock all relics and improvements. (Plague Knight)
Untouchable Complete a level without suffering any damage. (Shovel Knight)
Jumping Change several studs in a row in diverse objectives on more than 500 occasions. (Specter Knight)
Not even touching me Unharmed salt of a battle against a member of the order without barracks. (Shovel Knight)
Villains Mansion Complete the villains mansion at 3:30 minutes or less. (Plague Knight)
Gangs Sell all useless relics to Chester. (Plague Knight)
Of Bengal Defeat an enemy to more than 25 blocks with your Bengal wand. (Shovel Knight)
out of my room! ˇEncuentra The secret room of Specter Knight! (Specter Knight)
Shadow surf Execute the 3 Slalom cheats in a single pass. (Specter Knight)
Rarite Contemplate Mona Enterito dance.
To eyebrows Get all armor, birrias and improvements. (Specter Knight)
In the heights Reaches the top in the climbing minigame. (Specter Knight)
Avarice Reaches the sum of 50,000 pieces of gold. (Shovel Knight)
Vague shovel Complete a level using the shovel less than 20 times. (Shovel Knight)
Melancholia Stay in the top of the tower for 30 seconds. (Specter Knight)
Floating Endure 10 seconds in the air before falling. (Plague Knight)
Fake coin Launches the same alchemist coin 5 times in a row. (Shovel Knight)
Poor Oolong Delivery to Oolong a sample of all explosives. (Plague Knight)
All gems Win a game of joustus that has more than one gem and take them all. (King Knight)
Uncontrolled Destroy all game points. (Shovel Knight)
ˇSile! Get all the shadow and will improvements of the various areas. (Specter Knight)
Remove from the Middle Run over 5 enemies with a single mobile gear. (Shovel Knight)
Inhuman resources Talk to all the recruits of the tower. (Specter Knight)
Austerity Do not collect any gold at an entire level of the order without barracks. (Shovel Knight)
Everything, everything and everything Get all cryptocurrencies. (Plague Knight)
victory! Complete the game. (King Knight)
Patron of the Arts ˇConsign your own portrait! (King Knight)
The busing Find and deliver all red skulls. (Specter Knight)
Look at me and don’t touch me Expires in battle a member of the order without barracks (except Black Knight) without receiving damage. (Specter Knight)
Perfect state Win a fight of 3 or more lives without losing a single. (Showdown)
it does not hurt me! Complete any level without receiving damage. (Plague Knight)
do not touch me! Win a battle against any member of the order without barracks (except King Knight) without receiving damage. (Plague Knight)
ˇMi laboratory! Reconquista El Explotorium without breaking any gray block by fighting with the boss. (Plague Knight)
Jump-bombard Destroy a gentleman of the order using only jumps bomb. (Plague Knight)
Saving Complete any order area using 15 pumps or less. (Plague Knight)
Monacarograph Find and complete all levels and roads and defeat all wandering travelers. (King Knight)
The king of the house Complete the 4 houses of Joustus and expires in the final battle. (King Knight)
ˇFuera de my rooms! Find the King Knight Secret Chamber. (King Knight)
that’s mine! Lose a unique card and recover it. (King Knight)
I am a cheater! Use each and every one of the Chester cards. (King Knight)
With a plus Complete a game+. (Shovel Knight)
Immortal Complete the game without dying. (Shovel Knight)
Now I don’t fall Complete the game without falling into a vacuum. (Shovel Knight)
To that of a Complete the story mode without using a
Leaded feet Complete 10 fighting at any level with lava or pit without falling into them. (Showdown)
Itematic Use at least once every item. (Showdown)
Block without barracks Successfully blocks 10 times in a fight. (Showdown)
Bareback Complete the game without getting a relic. (Shovel Knight)
Zasca Get a ko with 50 rivals. (Showdown)
Cagaprisas Complete the game in less than an hour and a half. (Shovel Knight)
again! Complete a game+. (Plague Knight)
Grabbed Complete the game without spending any money (even cryptocurrencies!)
Bareback Complete the game without getting magic, elements for bombs or armor. (Plague Knight)
ˇDeprisa! Complete the game in an hour and a half. (Plague Knight)
ˇWho uncontrol! Destroy all game points. (Plague Knight)
Teetotaler Complete the game without drinking any tonic. (Plague Knight)
Merit badge Get all merit medals. (King Knight)
Hoarding Get all armor, legacies, pijotadas and improvements. (King Knight)
King of cards Defeat all possible opponents of Joustus. (King Knight)
I will go above Like Propeller Knight, he expires two or more enemies without touching the ground. (Showdown)
In closed fourth Complete the game without spending anything gold. (Shovel Knight)
one more time! Complete a game+. (Specter Knight)
In the bones Complete the game without getting any shade improvement. (Specter Knight)
ˇ boil Matao! Complete the game in less than an hour and a half. (Specter Knight)
Uncontrolled Destroy all game points. (Specter Knight)
Here and Acullá Falls through the worm Agusuelo 50 times. (Showdown)
Clean guada Complete any area of the order without barracks using your basic blow 10 times or less. (Specter Knight)
More and more COMPLETE NEW CHARGE PLUS. (King Knight)
Pickpocket Get all Joustus cards. (King Knight)
Pin Complete the game in less than 25 levels. (King Knight)
Naked king Complete the game without getting legacies or life improvements. ˇ The armor are allowed! (King Knight)
ˇ Happy! Complete the game in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes. (King Knight)
Champion without fear Complete the 4 Joustus houses without buying or claiming cards to Chester. (Not in new departure+). (King Knight)
Only legacies Defeats a boss using only legacies. (King Knight)
Minimum jump Complete a level making less than 10 jumps. (King Knight)
Drawn Complete any level of Joustus judge without dying or collecting food or health hearts. (King Knight)
Bounce bounce As Shovel Knight, he wins a fight with a reflected projectile. (Showdown)
Domino effect As plague Knight, he expires several enemies by precipitating you against them with a single explosion torpedo. (Showdown)
It occupies my place As Specter Knight, use a cutting. (Showdown)
King of the Giro As King Knight, it reaches the victory gem while still toured after loading an enemy. (Showdown)
ˇNi moves! Like Shield Knight, use a single shield blow to block a projectile and win the fight. (Showdown)
Between shadows Like Black Knight, he wins a fight by dodging an attack and hitting a black wave. (Showdown)
Low soil
In chain
One for all As Polar Knight, he expires several enemies with a single use of the polar plow. (Showdown)
Wanting without wanting
The lightning that never stops
You can reize
Hat Trick
Veiled blow
Of nothing
Liquid resource
ˇNi a scratch! Complete any main area without receiving any damage. (Specter Knight)
My friend Percy Get a target score. (Showdown)
Most of the most Complete the story mode in hard difficulty. (Showdown)
Pastureland Complete the game with 60,000 gold without rejugar any minigame or area. (Specter Knight)
Lavatives Launches the lava 50 times enemies. (Showdown)
Tangonzana He beats 50 Truchanzanas during a fight against King Truchanzana. (Showdown)
Suddenly Expires 50 times for sudden death. (Showdown)
Chester intimate Contemplate the 20 different modes of Chester assortment. (Showdown)
Birria de Rival Win any of the recruitable bosses only with your birrias. (Specter Knight)

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