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Last supper weapon

To get this weapon that represents the gluttony you must visit the following indications and interact with the yellow icon of bad tacos. To talk to Dane Vogel and thus obtain one of the three parts.

1. He travels to the Hellwrought neighborhood in Forge, and looks west of the highway. Bad tacos is in a block south of Torment Fraud.

2. From there, go to the north to the den, enters Satan’s Brilliance. Bad tacos is south of the guard, in the northwest corner of the area.

3. In Shantytown, fly Glutton’s End and look under the Puerte when you go to Downtown. Bad tacos is in the southwest of the neighborhood.

Steam de Saints Row achievements: Gat Out of Hell

Achievement |Description
Fallen Angel Get your first supernatural powers
Level one demon Buy your first improvement in the improvement store
The Lucky Cluster Collect at least 5 clusters without touching the ground
Angels wings Stay in the air for supernatural jumps or flights for 10 minutes of added
Soul in one Find 100 clusters
Transcontinental Fly without interruption for 60 seconds
Satan’s violent The game ends
Supercrunjido Die in the lava
Of the pan… to the embers Push a lava vehicle
Debts of the Devil Improves a weapon to the maximum
Go to the roof Collise against the roof 10 times while walking through the wall
Shit? Complete the entire game in open world in two districts of the city from Nuevo Hades
Infernal Boya Have 5 elves attached to you at the same time
Footprints in the sand Kill 150 demons with stomping supernatural power
Delivery Kill 50 of your own invoked elves
K.EITHER. Ducados Kill a archduke with a melee attack
Purple demons Get the servants to kill 100 demons with the supernatural power invocation
Seraph and cherub Play at least 2 hours as a kit and 2 hours like Kinzie
Shooting Star Fly for 500 meters while Ardes
Dance stuck Stay in contact with the lava for 10 seconds without dying
?COLES Conquest all new Hades and dominates 100% of the city
…My dear Watson Choose a new element for all your supernatural powers
You’ve nailed Get 100 deaths with the hammer of God
Petrified Converts to stone and pieces to 100 demons with the supernatural power stone discharge
Oimoronic Kill 100 demons with the supernatural power of icy fire
THE CREDO DE LOS SAINTS Get on the highest mast of the “Revenge of Queen Ana”
Fallen from the sky Buy the 113 supernatural power improvements
More books, uncle Find the 64 volumes
Dangerous Dukes Kill 25 archdukes
Souls consumed Find 100% of clusters
What laziness gives me Get 250 deaths with the essence of laziness
Close your eyes Get 250 deaths with the essence of anger
Have you lost your head? Put a comet in Ultor’s lobby
Burning Find all flying circus distractions locations
Volad, foolish Fly for 250,000 meters
The seven capital weapons Kill 25 demons with each of the seven lethal weapons
Epic flight Fly from the Snowball’s chance roof to the sinterpol barracks without touching the ground
Double problem Play Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Cooperative for 3 hours
Terminal donkey Ends with an extraction installation while you go on a motorcycle
To bounce In stormy fraud, do white in 5 vehicles in a row without touching the ground
Tangled wave Make vehicle surf in a comet while exploding
The best shooter Brushes a missile arrow with a gun
Perfect vision Spend more than 20 hours in hell
GAT plague Kill 1 000 demons with a combination of supernatural powers
The King of Hell Complete all challenges

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