Cheats Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

More cheats

In the middle of the game, press the Enter key then type the following key combination: “Cheat Cheat codes On”. All this without quotes.

After this, press Enter again in order to type the following cheats.

ATL+F5: You get 1000 units from each of the types of material

ALT+F9: You will conclude the construction, building or unit you have selected.

You can also try the following codes after pressing the ENTER key:

Cheat DIFF (0-5): Change the degree of difficulty (or the easiest, 5 the most difficult)

Cheat Die: Destroy the selected building or unit

Cheat Finish: the selected building concludes

Cheat Safe: Get infatery units with submachine guns

Cheat Resource All+(#): Get the raw materials you write

Cheat Reveal (0 or 1): The map will appear

Cheat Sandbox: You will control all players

Cheat Victory (Name): Immediate victory for the player you write

Several cheats

Press intro and then type the following codes:

Cheat Reveal 1: Revea the entire Mapacheat Finish: ends the buildings in Colacheat Peace <nation>: Peace with the Electidacheat War nation <nation>: Declares the war to the nation Electidacheat Defat <nation>: Defeat that NaciĆ³ncheat Victory <nation>: Victoria for that born Die: kills all the selected units


Press Enter to open the chat window and write “Cheat Cheat codes On” (without the quotes). Then:

ALT + F5: 1000 of each type of resource.

ALT + F9: It ends or advances a lot in construction, development or creation.

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