Cheats Rise of Nations – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Press Enter and introduce:

Cheat deploy: displays the selected units.

Cheat Safe: Many machine guns around each capital.

Cheat Defat (who): defeat nation.

Cheat Achieve: Show achievements.

Cheat Nuke: launch a nuclear bomb where the mouse is.

Cheat Bird: Release a Wild Bird where the mouse goes.

Cheat Finish (Finish): Select the selected item or the following in the tail.

Cheat Ally (who): Force Alliance.

Cheat Meet (who): Force Meeting with Nation.

Cheat Unmeet (who): Force disagreement with nation.

Cheat Peace (who): Force peace with nation.

Cheat War (who): Force War with Nation.

Cheat Pack: Pack the selected units.

Cheat Pause (0-1): Pause the game.

Cheat Sandbox: All human players.

Cheat DIFF (0-5): Establishes the level of difficulty.

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