Cheats Pony Island – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

For this adventure about ponies and theft of souls? Here you have a guide to overcome this disconcerting game.

Pony Island Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
That’s the ticket! Found Your First Ticket.
Do not surrender Crashed the game.
There are Better Options ThanSe UNLOCKED PONY LASERS.
Meltdown Destroyed The First Core File.
Ticket Off Found 3 Tickets.
Enjoy The Wings UNLOCKED Pony Wings.
Behold… Learned to Secret of Your Past.
Security Breach Destroyed The Second Core File.
You Killed Louey Killed Louey.
Victory? Destroyed The Third Core File.
Exhaust The Arcade escape.
To Glimpse Learned Another Secret of Your Past.
Hunter Ticket Found 7 Tickets.
The Truth Learned to Third Secret of Your Past.
For the crusade
Jiminy Ticket Found 14 Tickets.
I am error
GLitch City
Ticket Master Found All 24 Tickets.
The Full Truth Learned Every Secret of Your Past.

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