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Interaction in the house

One of the trophies/achievements asks us to interact in the house of Deadpool. This is all you can do.

– See television on the armchair.- To use the phone.- Pet the dog.- Turn on the radio.- The sofa near the window.- The shelf near the window.- THE VATER IN THE BATHROOM.- The bathtub.- The fridge.- The open pizza on the table.- The oven near the pizzal.- The inflator.- The computer.- The Arsenal de Armas.

Massacre Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
ˇThe first is free! Raise that prieto ass.
The second is also free… Be handsome.
I am waiting for a visit Prepare a thousand pancakes.
ˇWhat we are playing! Play with massacre things.
Inflatable castle Complete ‘First Curro’.
Rich people cry too Complete ‘media incursion’.
Seven leagues boot Complete ‘Genosha’.
Social chameleon Nourish with all the kids at the surprise party.
Salvador de Tacos Collect 100 tacos.
Cable curiosity Check ‘Who is cable’.
to play! Heh, what good times.
ˇ It ended for you! ˇ Siguarily sinister in prison with the sword!
Call me Lady Massacre Complete ‘landing between bars’.
Once upon a time there was a circus Get a maximum score in the amusement park.
Just one more time… Affects to Wolverine a lot of times.
Greek vision Complete ‘quotes with death’.
JR’s great adventure Complete ‘The Way to Victory’.
Sinister porridge Complete ‘The Door of Evil’.
If there is no massacre, there is no madness Complete the game in veteran difficulty.
Arrr-Mando Jaleo Complete ‘quotes with death’ wearing pirate hat.
Patience is not a virtue Choose the patience option throughout the tail in the amusement park.
To combos with your colleagues Make a combo greater than 40 before the elevators block.
Only when I stop breathing Low to zero the volume of dialogues.
Silent but mortal Executes a stealthy death with each melee weapon in the sinister lair without being seen.
Send more clones Get all massacre points and ammunition in the bathroom.
Unbalanced Buy all player improvements.
Incredibly discreet Kill 4 enemies in the Plaza de la Torre.
Rummaging in boxes Find 11 treasure chests in the darkness of tombs.
Stuck paper Shoot the photocopier in the bridge offices.
ˇA peel, wolverine! Complete ‘the door of evil’ from the beginning to the end without dying.
What doesn’t you catch me? Defeat to Voltaic Arco without suffering from his blowtacks.
ˇ This is loved! Play everything from the wheel of madness (balloons and cow).
49 in 5 Go from the lobby to the conference room in 5 minutes without dying.
ˇPistaaaaa! Do not suffer any damage in the slide.
None is ugly where mea Press the three switches, defeat the two fásicos and pursue vertigo in less than 60 s.
Water out of the water It crosses the toxic river without falling into it or suffering damage to touch the water.
I am a massacre Complete ‘The door of evil’ using only swords and guns from beginning to end.
Know Massacre, and madness Complete the game in difficulty ˇultraviolence!
You will have stayed at ease Make a combo against an entire wave on any map of a gold challenge.
Pull and throw the ring Kill a total of 15 enemies holding barley grenades in hand.
Ebrio of power Improve all weapons to the fullest.
Do like Joe Make a 300 blow combo.
I can open doors! Complete the gap in 10 seconds.
ˇMamma mine! Passes over the floating remains without falling.
It is a trap! Get a combo of 75 or more fighting on the stairs of ‘The door of evil’.
ˇ Ensalada of hosts! Dies 10 times in a row on the floating stairs.
Come on, you have time over time Complete ‘landing between bars’ without launching any counterattacks.
I can’t? Now you’ll see In “ Genosha ”, it reaches the admirer using only hammers and impulse rifles.
Golden fever Complete five gold challenges.
Activated shields Complete a gold or silver challenge making at least 25 counterattacks.

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