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Terrinary Demia? Here you have a guide to overcome Layers of Fear.

Layers of Fear Steam Achievements (2016)

Achievement |Description
Is covered by a reason Work at the Magnum Opus
Remains of love Find a memory of your family
It sounds to me Discover a memory of the past
Wandering Take a thousand steps
Artist’s impression Take the sketch of a rat
Inspired Toc Search for 100 drawers and showcases
The artist’s fight Hugs death for the first time
Final touch Complete a picture
Drawing Bloc of the cursed
Conservation instinct
I know what I want Reaches a conclusive ending.
The past is
As if it were yesterday Relive all the memories of your childhood.
It was worth trying
The balance leans
Bad and afternoon
Those eyes can pierce a soul
Roughly Gather all the puzzle pieces.
Once upon a time
Maybe you have a problem Gather all rodent drawings
Forgotten whispers Remember every word you said
Immortalized in my heart Find all memories of your family
Art expert Contemplate pictures for an hour
The tree and apple
The snake sword
Relevant information Read all game notes.

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