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Oh achievement, oxidized anchor

The description tells you that you must make glottis sing the song of the oxidized anchor. It is easy to do, like the rest of the achievements, but you could lose it in your departure.

To get glottis singing, you must teach him the Lola letter that you will find in the coat that he left at the box office. If glottis is on the piano of the Manny casino, you will get it. However, if you have taught the VIP pass before, you will have gone to High Roller Lounge, and you can no longer sing the song.

Grim Fandango Remastered Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
«And that you care what I did in life. You already know the rules ».
«ˇPatoso with bony fingers!”
«I’ve getting squeezing for one of these tubes, like a pix!”
«Disargas adrenaline?”
“Well, if it helps you, I could do something wrong right now”.
«Join or die! again!”
“Precisely, friend”.
“Scare the living goes against the rules, but we all do it”.
«… I whistled so much when the winds bleed…”
Year 1 A year passes in the eighth hell.
«It’s as if I were not happy if I’m not breathing thick, black and nauseabundos…”
“We only have a mop”.
«Besides, we are very handsome with these clothes!”
“We are all citizens of the same nation and our king riding a pale horse”.
«I am even listening to me!!!”
“Maybe just a sorbit…”
«ˇManny, when the marrow is extracted from those trees, it’s like cement!”
«Our stings are straight?”
«We have surrendered. All of us”.
«I’m sorry, I don’t do…”Rare works” ».
Year 2 It passes two years in the eighth hell.
«Well, how much of this you have not imagined, skull?”
“You are a destroy!”
AńO 3 Three years pass in the eighth hell.
«Come see how fat fish play, ¿eh?”
OH, yes, I could encourage you…”
«I didn’t always have this color!”
“Don’t bother…”
“I got out of here, this world is for pringados”.
“Manuel! Does you go something?”
«Happy trip, Captain».
«I could walk from this world right now and not look back…”
«ˇOh, Lola!…”
Year 4 It passes four years in the eighth hell.
«Arrogant imposter does not work…”
“Take it as a tribute”.
«It shone, pale as a bone…”
«…so big”
«Good news: ˇWe have discovered a new talent among our messengers!”
«ˇPalomas, Corred! ˇEs Gloria Fuertes!”
«Let the metal detector hold you while crying…”
«ˇDejá to cool in front of the girl!”
The correct mode Complete the game with tank controls. Tim has asked for this achievement.
“That is not funny!”
“Oh, oxidized anchor”

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