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Steam’s achievements of God Eater Resurrection

Achievement |Description
Celestial weapon compatibility Exceeds the proof of aptitude.
Camaraderie Allied a new ability to an ally.
Divine meat Devours a Aragami and increase your strength.
Celestial weapon adjustment Improves a team for the first time.
Broken link Break an enemy bond for the first time.
Shared forces Execute an anger of link satisfactorily.
New team Create team for the first time.
Urgent mission completed Exceeds an urgent mission for the first time.
Resonance Make a resonance between God eater of the new type.
A new leader Assumes the role of leader of the 1.Ş Division.
Exploited weaknesses Use a mechanical attack to destroy an enemy.
On the verge of death Execute a curative link with an ally.
Unleashed power Activate for the first time the effect of a control division.
Jackpot Find an abandoned heavenly weapon.
Destroyer Break 100 links.
The edge of truth End the Dyaus pita and come to your company.
blue Moon Disrupted Schicksal’s plans and brakes the devouring apocalypse.
Guardian of the East East FAC.
Do not run away from life Face face to face all threats and rescue your companions.
Samal for reprisals Exceeds adversities and restores 1.Ş Division.
Until next time Unite your companions and solve your quarrels.
Predator teacher Activates five types of control division effects at the same time.
A real treasure Get your first level 14 team element.
Skilled teacher Activates 25 or more skill effects at the same time.
Terrifying visions Complete a dangerous challenge mission.
God Eater Complete the challenge that unlocks Ren.
Mysterious aristocrat masked Complete the challenge that unlocks the masked ogre.
Survivor pride Exceeds a survival mission at the highest level of solo difficulty.
Elite unit Complete 50 urgent missions.
Unstoppable armament Get a full equipment set at level 14.
The most faithful company Use the same type of equipment in 500 missions.
The legend begins Get all trophies.
Legendary unit Complete 100 urgent missions.

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