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Steam’s achievements of God Eater 2: Rage Burst

Achievement |Description
Celestial weapon compatibility Exceeds the proof of aptitude.
Divine meat Devours a Aragami and increase your strength.
Jackpot Find an abandoned heavenly weapon.
Inheritance Equips a skill for the first time.
Camaraderie Allied a new ability to an ally.
New team Create a team for the first time.
The distant east Reaches the East end unit.
THE POWER OF THE BLOOD Use a blood art for the first time.
Special mission completed Exceeds a special mission for the first time.
Broken link Break an enemy bond for the first time.
Exploited weaknesses Use a certain attack to destroy an enemy.
Shared forces Execute an anger of link satisfactorily.
Fast collector Collect three objects once a mission is completed.
On the verge of death Execute a curative link with an ally.
Celestial weapon adjustment Improve your team for the first time.
Skilled teacher Activates 10 or more skill effects at the same time.
Mourning Pray for the soul of a fallen company.
Pain surpassed Execute the final blow against the Marduk.
The spiral tree Unifies the world to stop its end.
Blood release Activate bloody anger for the first time.
I breathe momentary Look at an event activated by an ally’s support skill.
Final attack Dominates a maximum level of blood in combat.
Fellowship Complete all the episodes per character of an ally.
Incomparable support Complete a mission with four support link devices.
Destroyer Break 100 links.
Cradle of humanity Collaborates with crib to defeat the Kyuubi.
Essential requirements. Indispensable requirements Ends with a gawain chrome with Livie.
Forces to continue The blood struggle continues in a world of destruction and rebirth.
Technical Master Learn all blood arts for a single type of member.
A real treasure Get your first level 15 team element.
Beyond the red line Activate bloody anger with 500% heavenly weapon anger.
Terrifying visions Complete a dangerous challenge mission.
Defense team return Establish unbreakable friendship links with the satellite defense equipment.
Distorted balance Presence a change in the spiral tree.
Shock of wills FAC.
Meeting Get together once again with your scattered companions.
Elite unit Complete 50 special missions.
Unstoppable armament Get your first complete level of level 15 equipment.
The most powerful ally All the abilities to an ally.
God eater Get all trophies.
Birth of misfortune Defeat Magatsu Kyuubi
Legendary unit Complete 100 special missions.
Incnimable friendships Complete all episodes by characters.
Survivor pride Exceeds a level 15 survival mission in solo.
East Extreme Collection Get 400 costume garments.
The most faithful company Use the same type of equipment in 500 missions.
Style devouring Pass at least 10 minutes trying clothes.

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