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DJOSE Password (FF X-2)

In Chapter 5, when you go to the DJose Temple, talk to the man who asks for a password and di marnela. Will give you an extra repair manual to fight the experiment.


Valefor has a second devastating attack that you can get when Yuna returns to your team (after some incidents in history). Return to Besaid and talk to a child who has a dog, near the temple, and will give you an item that you can use so that you learn energy blast. If the girl is not close to the temple, look inside the object store.

Energy Blast offers more destructive power, although Valefor takes longer to recover.

Finals (FF X-2)

Bad : It takes a long time in the sequence of the final boss.Normal : Do not listen to whistles in Farplane of Chapter 3.Sad : Listen to four whistles in Farplane in Chapter 3 and completes the game less than 75%.Happy : Listen to four whistles in Farplane in Chapter 3 and completes the game between 75% and 99%.TRUE : Listen to four whistles in Farplane in Chapter 3 and completes the game with 100%.


Final Fantasy X-2 was the first in the saga to have the new game option +.

The adventure ends with any of the finals and will unlock new game +. It is a normal game except because you keep the objects of your previous game.

Defeat Evrae Atlana (FF X)

This is one of the easiest bosses in the game because it has a trick. He is the typical chief of the saga that is damaged with healing objects, so if you do not mind losing some phoenix feathers, that will do a lot of damage. The x and elixires are also effective.

Bhed alphabet

The Albhed people speak an invented language that simply consists of replacing the letters of the words with others. In the game you will find dictionaries that decipher the subtitles, but if you do not have them and want to see what they are telling you, here are the key.

Letter A corresponds to the Y.Letter B corresponds to the P.Letter C corresponds to the l.Letter D corresponds to the t.Letter E corresponds to the A.Letter F corresponds to the V.Letter G corresponds to the K.Letter H corresponds to the R.Letter I corresponds to the E.Letter J corresponds to the Z.Letter K corresponds to the G.The letter l corresponds to the M.The letter m corresponds to the S.Letter N corresponds to H.The letter or corresponds to the U.The letter p corresponds to the B.The letter Q corresponds to the X.Letter R corresponds to the N.The letter s corresponds to the C.The letter t corresponds to the D.The letter u corresponds to the i.Letter V corresponds to the J.The letter w corresponds to the F.Letter X corresponds to the Q.The letter and corresponds to the o.Letter Z corresponds to the W.

For each language it is different. For example, if you are playing with English subtitles, it is as follows:

A = e b = p c = s d = t e = i f = w g = k h = n i = u j = v k = g l = c m = l n = r o = y p = b q = x r = h s = m t = d u = or v = f w = z x = q y =A Z = J

Secret weapons and armor ff x

There are several secret locations that can be visited with the flying nave by entering passwords in the browser. These codes are deciphering messages in the language to the Bhed that we find in Spira places. They are the following (all in capital letters).

Auron Murasame Me weapon Murasame

Rikku Godhand weapon Godhand

Rikku Victorious armor Victorious

Secret locations ff x

When you get the flying sailing, you can introduce manual coordinates on a map to visit Spira points. Some places will have a chest with rewards, others will give you access to a new temple.

Baaj temple X = 11-16, y = 57-63

Battlefield X = 39-47, y = 56-60

Besaid cataracts X = 29-32, y = 73-76

Ruins mi’ihen X = 33-36, y = 55-60

Omega ruins X = 69-75, y = 33.38

Sanubia Arenas X = 12-16, y = 41-45

Cheap yojimbo ff x

When you find Yojimbo, wait for you to make an offer. When I tell you, give half plus 1 gil to force it to reduce its offer and raise yours in 1 gil, with which it will go down again. From this moment he will not accept any much lower, so give him between 5000 and 10000 giles less than his figure (he will be around 190.000).

If it does not work, repeat the process by uploading your amounts a bit.

In case of having a lot of money, if you give it triple of what you ask at any time in addition to its services, it will offer you two teleportation spheres.

Tidus on your Blitzball team (FF X-2)

Get the good end and start a new+game, the Zanarkand team will be available. Tidus will be called “Star player”, wins the team on display to exchange it.

Although it is difficult, it deserves the effort. Tidus starts with a 98 -point shot.

Steam Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Achievements

Achievement |Description
Don of languages Find an albhed dictionary
The right thing Besaid test completes
All in one It gathers all group members
Forward Learn the Jecht chut
ˇ Tampa! Win a blitzbol game in Final Fantasy X
GRACE OF GRACE Cause at least 9.999 Damage points with a single attack
Sensitive fiber Go the event scene in the water
Money is everything Get Yojimbo
The end of a trip See “Eternal Calm”
Overcoming the past Defeat Yunalesca
Blitzbol master Unlock all roulette
Learning Learn to use all enemy skills
Eternal calm Defeat Yu Yevon
Hate object Defeat Seymour Omega
Thief skills Get steal with 200 times with Rikku
Feel the pain Get at an encouragement
Chocobo license Complete all Chocobo training
Delta attack Get the Magus sisters
Invocative teacher Get all the eons
Braggart Win a blitzbol championship
Supreme blow Inflicts 99.999 Damage points with an attack
Philologist Find the 26 albhed dictionaries
Chocobo rider Win a greedy chocobo race with a total time of 0: 0: 0
Of cover Spend 100.000 guiles or more in bribes
Rayproof Dodge 200 rays and get your reward
Dressed for the occasion Change Yuna, Rikku and Paine’s clothing in a battle
Complete skills Complete the set of skills for an outfit
Master of Weapons Get all the weapons of the 7 stars
Specialty Get a special outfit
Exterminated Defeat
Messenger of the past Get all Jecht spheres
Master Chocobo Get 5 chests in the Chocobo race of the Remiem temple and wins the race
Capitalist Pay Oaka’s debt
Cinephile Buy all spheres of Luca’s auditorium
Spheres Complete the development of all the main characters
Against your nemesis Defeat Aummum
Hard to catch Help Classko capture a chocobo before finishing chapter 3
An old friend Defeat Bahamut
Apprentice Learn 5 blue bullet skills
Spheres Complete the development of a character on the spheres
Perseverance Defeat the final executioner
Biography See the complete story of a monster
Treasure hunter Find the chest that contains the tape in underground Bevelle
Final Fantasy X in full Get all achievements
Extinguished fire Defeat Salamander
Ace of the breaksferas Win 10 times to breaksferas
Q! Win a blitzbol game in Final Fantasy X-2
Complete chain Get a 99 attack chain
War machine Defeat Vegnagun
Listen carefully Listen to all Maechen’s stories
Complete episode Complete an episode in Chapter 5
Gun Reaches the highest level in “killing or dying”
Enchalocobos Impressive chocobo capture
Hunting Get all the clothing
Dancing Queen Get “magical dances”, vol. 2
Sweet perfection Complete the main story at 100%
Alchemist Use synthesis 30 times
Excellent business Use bribe 30 times
Tahúr dream Take out the same number in all Tahúr’s dice
Extermination Inflicts 99.999 Damage points with an attack
The founder Defeat Trema
I just started Reaches the 10ş Floor of the Tower of Iutycyr
There is still a lot Reaches 20ş floor of the Tower of iTycyr and defeats the boss
Half Reaches 40ş floor of the Tower of Iutycyr and defeats the boss
It is almost Reaches the 60ş floor of the Tower of iTycyr and defeats the boss
Tomberi Treasury Get a treasure in the Tomberi zone
Giant tower Reach 80ş floor of the Tower of iTycyr and defeat the boss
Final Fantasy X-2 in full Get all achievements
Monster collector The Shinra Bestiary Complete

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