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Password Rocket Town

To overcome this mission, press OK, switch, cancel, cancel while you are on the rocket.

The fate of 7

If the health of a character is just 7777 at some point in the battle, it will enter a state of uncontrollable and fast attacks, and each blow will make 7777 damage points.

On the other hand, if a character has 7777 life points at the end of a battle, his health will be reduced to 1 when returning to the stage.

Cactilios Island

The island of the Cactilios is so small that it is not shown in the radar and it is the only place where you can go for this type of enemy so elusive.

To get to the place, you need to have the flying nave. Fly on the cosmo sack and go directly to the south.

Invocation Knights of the Round Table

To obtain the most powerful invocation of the game you have to raise a gold chocobo and go to the island that is outside the map, in the upper right corner. In the cave you will find this spirit that makes more than 70.000 Damage points when used.


If you want to revive the videos of the game you have nothing but go to ~: Program Filesfinal Fantasy VIIMOVIs and there you will find all the sequences. Its technology may have been outdated, but at the time it was a revolution.

Have you not completed Final Fantasy VII? Here you will find a guide to overcome one of the most remembered games of all time.


Go with the car to a cave out of Junon and you will find a man. If you have fought a certain amount of battles (with two equal numbers, for example, 144 or 33 fighting) will give you Mithril. Take it to the man who informs you of the object you need to go to the temple of the elderly that will exchange it for an item. Choose a small box (second floor) and you will have the object for the final aeris limit.


Yuffie is an optional character for the group. You can find it in the forests of any area of the world after passing through the forests of Junon. Fight and win, then you will appear on a screen with a storage point. do not use it! Talk to Yuffi and answer the following:

1ş Question: 2ş Answer: I am not interested.2ş Question: 1ş Answer: … Petrified.3ş Question: 2ş Answer: ˇ Wait a second! 4ş Question: 1ş Answer: …… That is.5ş Question: 2ş Answer: …… Let’s hurry.


Vincent is an optional character for the group. Go to the mansion in Nibelheim, you will need to open a door in the basement, the key is in a safe of the second floor. The combination is 36 right, 10 left, 59 right and 97 right.

When opening a monster will attack you. Win and you will receive the invocation Odin, the Network Limit XIII and the key. Go to the basement, you will find Vincent in a coffin, he will join your team.


In Gold Saucer you can have an appointment with the following characters.

Aeris : Do not talk to Tifa unless it’s vital for game progress. She will ask you for an appointment at the hotel.

Barret : Never talk to aeros or typhus unless it is vital for game progress. Upon entering Kalm Barret, he will ask you for an appointment.

Typh : Do not talk to Aeris unless it is vital for game progress.

Mount chocobo with typhus or Cid

Run mounted in chocobo with Cid or typhus on your team. At some point one of them will ask you.

Immortality (or almost)

Equipate one of your characters with a master subject of final attack paired with phoenix or subject to resurrect. The character will use it – or invoke Fénix – every time he dies, so he will automatically resurrect. This works while the character has enough magic points.

Limit levels

Level 1-1: Use the limit 8 times.Level 1-2: Kill 80 enemies.Level 2-1: Use the limit 8 times.Level 2-2: Kill 80 enemies.Level 3-1: Use the limit 8 times.Level 3-2: Use the object to obtain the level 4 limit.

Cloud chosen by Don Corneo

Dress : Talk to the clothing store saleswoman, he will tell you that he can’t sell any because his father is with depression. In the bar you will find the father, talk to him and Aeris will convince him. Choose soft and shiny.

Wig : Blonde. Go to the gym and talk to the girl near the ring. Win the brother in the flexions.

Panties : Bikini. Talk to a man who does not know whether to enter the club, will give you his card. Enter and choose one of the doors on the left and you will get the object. Get out of the room and go up, say you make you make up.

Diadem : Diamond. Go to the subject store, the boy who buys something on a machine will tell you. Go to the inn and sleep for 10 gil. Cloud will wake up in front of the machine and you can buy objects, choose the 200. Go back to the store and give it the object.

Cologne : Sexy. Enter the bar and go to the bath, there is a man in trouble. Go to the restaurant and ask for a plate of the day, choose the pharmacy coupon and see there. Change the cpuón for a digestive and give it to the sick man, he will give you the colony.

Aeris ghost

Once the first CD is finished, sometimes when you enter the Midgar church, Aeris’s ghost will appear between two boys. Flashes and disappears quickly.

If you have the key to sector 5 and enter the church for the first time, the ghost will appear and will not leave until you walk towards the entrance.

Achievements of Steam of Final Fantasy VII

Achievement |Description
First fight Win your first fight
Bravery Use the first cloud limit
Great shot Use Barret’s first limit
Fast blow Use the first Tifa limit
Healing wing Use the first aeris limit
Sill Fang Use the first network limit XIII
Yuffie Get Yuffie to join your group
Vincent Get Vincent to join your group
Galiana Beast Use Vincent’s first limit
Big leap Use the first Cid limit
Robotic lightning Use Yuffie’s first limit
Dices Use the first Cait Sith limit
End of the first part Complete the first part of the game
Battles Square A fight begins in the Plaza de las Battles
Master subject Get the maximum level in any matter
Zero bahamut Get the subject Bahamut Zero
Omnilátigo Get the last cloud limit
Diamond weapon Defeat
End of the second part Complete the second part of the game
Great Gospel Get the last aeris limit
Slots Get the last Cait Sith limit
Chaos Get the last limit of Vincent
Final sky Get the last Typh limit
Cosmic Memory Get the last network limit XIII
Last weapon Defeat
All creation Get the last Yuffie limit
Game over Complete Final Fantasy VII
Catastrophe Get Barret’s last limit
Round Table Knights Get the Knights of the Round Table
Golden pen Get a gold chocobo
Great wind Get the last Cid limit
The Lord of the Giles Get 99,999,999 guiles
Maximum level Level 99 with any character
Mastery of matter Master all subjects
Ruby weapon Defeat
Emerald weapon Defeat

Xbox Live Achievements of Final Fantasy VII

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
We are legend For completing Final Fantasy VII. 70
Invokes, that is not little For having achieved the subject invoke teacher. 70
Breakfast with diamond For having defeated Arma Diamond. 70
The Red Weapon Hunt For having defeated Rubí Armas. 70
E of Esmeralda For having defeated weapon emerald. 70
For a puñGuiles For having achieved 99.999.999 guiles. 35
In search of perfection For having taken a character to level 99. 35
Zero atmosphere For having achieved the matter bahamut zero. 35
Knight’s destination For having achieved the gentlemen of the round table. 35
Omnilátigo For having achieved the final cloud limit. 35
Catastrophe For having achieved the final boundary of Barret. 35
Final sky For having achieved the final tifa limit. 35
Great Gospel For having achieved the final aeris limit. 35
Cosmic Memory For having achieved the final network limit XIII. 35
All creation For having achieved the final yuffie limit. 35
Slots For having achieved the final Cait Sith. 35
Chaos For having achieved the final limit of Vincent. 35
Great wind For having achieved the final limit of Cid. 35
First blood For having won your first fight. fifteen
Beyond the limit For having executed a limit for the first time. fifteen
The soldier dresses up For having achieved that Don Corneo chooses Cloud. fifteen
Qué Beautiful is invoking For having made an invocation. fifteen
A wonderful matter For having taken a matter at level 5. fifteen
Something happens with Barret For having an appointment with Barret in Gold Saucer. fifteen
One day in Chocobos races For having won in Chocobos races. fifteen
Children of the avalanche For having achieved 10.050 points or more in the Moto G minigame G of Gold Saucer. fifteen
The Wutian warrior For having made Yuffie join the group. fifteen
DéJame enter For having made Vincent join the group. fifteen
They call him Leviatán For having achieved the subject Leviathan. fifteen
Bahamut! Bahamut! Bahamut! For having achieved the Bahamut matter. fifteen
They died with the subject For having fully succumb in a fight. fifteen

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