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Stellazzio location

Get all the game of the game. The rewards for each one you bring are the following:

1. 1,000 gil2. Phoenix Pinion3. 2,000 Gil4. Bloody sword5. 5,000 Gil6. Elixir7. 10,000 gil8. Black belt9. 20,000 Gil10. ROSETTA1 RING. 30,000 Gil12. Robe of Lords13. Hammer


Near the end you will find an optional boss, Hades. If you win, you will have at your disposal a synthesis store of objects.


He is the most difficult optional chief of the game. To get to him you will need to progress in the Chocobos minigame.


Guide to get all minigame chocobographies.

problem to overcome the mythical final fantasy ix? Here are a guide.

Comba minigame

Come with Vivi to girls who jump near the ticket in Alexandria. Talk to them and jump when the symbol appears. Do it to win the following awards:

20: 10 Gil50: Cactilio Let

Changes in the end

The game ends with the Cinna hammer in the inventory, and/or “Save the Queen” to see new scenes in the end.

Frog capture with quina

In the frog capture minigame you can get up to 99. The awards are as follows:

2 frogs – Ranas Gross Gem – Ether9 frogs – Silk Tunica15 frogs – elixir23 frogs – Silver holder33 frogs – Sibarita45 frogs – fighting boots 99 frogs – gastronome (you must win Quera, you need a high level).

Steam final fantasy ix achievements

Achievement |Description
Ovation For having made the nobles ask for a bis.
They are my things For having entered trance for the first time.
Fire christening For having won a game of Tetra Master.
Faithful squire For having defeated 100 rivals.
Long hands For having used the robbery command 50 times.
One between a thousand For having caught a golden frog.
ORFEBRE Apprentice For having manufactured 10 objects.
Calling Lamú For having invoked Lamú.
Black Magician For using black magic 100 times.
surprise! For having freed Kuppo.
Calling Fenril For having invoked Fenril.
Flying I go For having achieved a flying ship.
Calling Shiva For having invoked Shiva.
Calling atom For having invoked atom.
Calling Bahamut For having invoked Bahamut.
No one is left behind For having saved all the inhabitants of Cleyra.
The best attack For having used the defense command 50 times.
Calling Ifrit For having invoked Ifrit.
Calling Odin For having invoked Odin.
Calling Rubí For having invoked Rubí.
Calling Phoenix For having invoked Fénix.
Calling Leviathan For having invoked Leviathan.
Don’t call me for anything For having angry Mogu.
That’s how I am For having entered trance 50 times.
Calling Madine For having invoked Madine.
Extinct call For having defeated Malailith, Chaos del Fuego.
Amaine the wind For having defeated Tiamat, wind chaos.
Discarded the waters For having defeated Kraken, water chaos.
Withered earth For having defeated Lich, chaos of the earth.
Quiet caught For having won 10 Tetra Master games.
Póquer de Reyes For having formed a group with four male characters.
The definitive flute For having obtained the angel flute weapon.
Sanseacabó For completing Final Fantasy IX.
The definitive claw For having obtained the Runica mitigate weapon.
White Wizard For using white magic 200 times.
Expert Puador For having won 10 objects at the Treno auction.
The definitive mace For having obtained the gun of Zeus.
Ancestral legacy For having obtained the complete genji armor.
To the limit For having taken at least one character at level 99.
The quasidefinitive dagger For having obtained the tower weapon.
A lucky day For having received an exceptional luck an omen in the Buenaventura del Color.
Orfebre For having manufactured 30 objects.
Come to me For having invoked 50 spirits.
Royal favors For having received 10 rewards from Stella Queen.
ˇMorate how jump! For having jumped 100 times in a row.
Open ban For having won with vivi in the great hunt.
Sprinter For having achieved the athletics.
I remember Cain For having obtained the weapon throws from Cain.
The definitive racket For having obtained the Cat Pata weapon.
The definitive rod For having obtained whale hair weapon.
Scale ship For having obtained a mock of the premium view.
With the deck giving For having achieved the hammer.
Treasure hunters For having found all the treasures with Chocobo.
Without wrinkles For having achieved a bottle of smooth oil.
All to one For having played Blackjack.
Without honor For having received 30 attacks from behind.
The definitive dagger For having obtained the artema weapon.
Legendary sheet For having obtained the Excalibur weapon.
The Dragon Lady For having defeated Bégimo in the Armería de Treno with dagger.
King of the Comba For having jumped at the Comba 1000 times in a row.
Poquer of queens For having formed a group with quina quen and three other female characters.
Gold client For having bought all Stilzkin objects.
Online systems For having repaired the machine in the Mogured Central.
I’ll take it! For having obtained the category of treasury hunter S.
We are still here For having activated the ability of life flames when the whole group fell defeated.
Knight of arms For having defeated 1000 rivals.
Friend of all For having won the favor of all kind monsters.
Calling Ark For having invoked Ark.
Lunatics For having obtained four lunar stones.
His tessoro For having found the Madain ring.
Blue Wizard For having used blue magic 100 times.
Resolved enigma For having revealed the secret of the invocation wall.
Gold Piquito For having reached the choconivel 99.
Here’s beach For having visited all the beaches of Gaia.
Fishing For having caught 99 frogs.
Non-rival For having defeated Ozma.
Neros trileros For having defeated the Nero brothers nine times in a row.
Clinical picture For having made a character suffer all unfavorable and favorable states.
The final fork For having obtained the gastronomous weapon.
I’ll cover you For having obtained all support skills.
It brings more popcorn For having seen 79 sequences in current time.
The definitive sword For having obtained the Excalibur II weapon.
Choose and win For having succeeded all the questions of the Ragtime contest.
Legend hero For having defeated 10000 rivals.
AS DEL TETRA MASTER For having won 100 Tetra Master games.

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