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Complete Everybody’s Gone To the Rapture with this video guide.

Everybody’s Gone To the Rapture Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
The end You have completed the game.
Lunar walker You have simulated walking back for 50 seconds.
Terminator You have activated the entire game of the game.
GRAFITER You have found all faces graffiti.
Bibliophile You have read all Bittern books.
Radio lover You have heard all radios before doing anything else.
Lost You have read all the maps of this.
Howard train You have spent time playing with Howard’s train.
Trein passionate You have written down all trains numbers.
Perpetual movement You have set up in the rotating swing two minutes.
Recoil You have used the hidden paths to return to each area of the game.
Open end You have reached Stephen’s bunker without finishing any other plot arc.
Hypochondriac You have entered and out of Wade’s consultation many, many times.
Food list You have made an exquisite meal using the power of nuclear energy.
Last orders You have waited a painting in the Stars and the Whistler.
Passive observer You have discovered the power of interactivity without doing anything.
Pilferer You have tried to enter all the caravans of the Summer Caming de Lakeside.
Wrong number You have been waiting for a call for a while.

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