Cheats Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Mega Man X and Mega Buster weapon

To get the suit of Mega Man X Complete the story mode with a ranking s.

To get the weapon Mega Buster Complete the nightmare mode with a ranking s.

Modify the game

Open the User Archive.INI in the game’s directory. We recommend making a backup before.

Then, add the following lines to the file.

To show the “frame rate” of the game:


To modify the field of vision:


Steam dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition Achievements

Achievement |Description
Matazombis 100 zombies killed.
Local hero Survivor isolated saved.
Beginner Chapter 0 completed.
Glider 5 plans collected.
Apprentice Level 5 reached.
Zombie butcher 1000 zombies killed.
Some ambition An attribute bought.
Wrathful Zhi defeated.
In quarantine Chapter 1 completed.
Climb 10 attributes bought.
Murguring Chapter 2 completed.
Draftsman 25 plans collected.
Greed Albert defeated.
Zombies murderer 10,000 zombies killed.
Man of the people 15 isolated survivors saved.
Family type Chapter 3 completed.
Cheerful campist Chapter 4 completed.
Lustful Dylan defeated.
Expert Level 25 reached.
Engineer 50 planes collected.
GLOTONA Give him defeated.
help Wanted 5 Survivors Ańadidos to the Survivors Board.
Day in the museum Chapter 5 completed.
The doctor has come out Chapter 6 completed.
Caution, driver 20 vehicles collected in my garage.
These are the facts The facts completed.
Proud Jherii defeated.
Customizer 5 combined vehicles created.
DIY lover 50 combined weapons created.
Lazy Theodore defeated.
Jealous ˇKenny defeated!
Luxury secondary 20 completed secondary missions.
Complete package Overtime completed.
ˇPlick to the fullest! You have joined a cooperative game.
Prestigious 10 Complete PP tests.
Master builder 100 planes collected.
Specialist You have brought an attribute to the maximum.
Covering the footprints Collect valuable merchandise.
ˇMaximized! Level 50 reached.
Collector 250 weapons collected at the weapon box office.
In fashion 100 clothing objects collected in the closet.
Eradication Prepare the base camp for the Bravo team.
Delivery man Collect the supply of Charlie.
Jodienda in group You have addressed a complete group of survivors.
Eagle on land Find the President.
Duty or death Complete Dead Rising 3: Rota Eagle Operation.
Live to continue fighting Recover all squad members.
Chief mechanic You have created all combined vehicles.
Rest in peace Gather all identification plates.
Let’s talk about the subject Ask Winnie
Volunteer vigila Defend the school.
Well supplied Collect special supplies for the safe area.
Scrutiny Interrogate the special operations agent.
Angel with wings Complete Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel.
Flee from the Pasma You have escaped from the Lost Police Police Station.
Massacre Lord 53 597 Zombies killed.
Insulating tape teacher You have created all combined weapons.
CONTRIERRORISM Infect all safe areas.
ˇDo not be to look! Destroy all the ZDC cameras.
Throw the glove You have survived the Spider test.
Mechanical apprentice You have helped Torque build a special motorcycle.
Hunters and hunted You have defeated all captains.
The biker paradise You have achieved Torque’s surprise.
Leader wood You have completed Dead Rising 3: The chaos time.
Below the bad You have defeated all the bikers.
Pirate pirate You have found Nelson.
Original You have discovered the origin of the military sign.
Kane’s latest words You have gathered tests.
Justice agent You have completed Dead Rising 3: The last agent.
Certified survival 25 training bronze medals achieved.
Training specialist 25 training silver medals achieved.
Burns, baby, burns Burns all propaganda posters.
Paramedic Collect all medical supplies.
Chips bag You have collected all the ZDC chips.
Protection oath All rescued survivors.
Zombicide genius 72,000 zombies killed.
Training master 25 Gold Training Medals achieved.
Give them where it hurts You have destroyed all emergency phones.
Exquisite You have collected all special reserve whiskey bottles.
Increase the collection You have gathered all custom motorcycles for Torque.
100 004 dead 100 004 zombies killed.
Nightmare teacher Chapter 7 Completed in nightmare mode.
Almost Famous 25 Complete PP tests.
Smuggler You have collected all the smuggling zombrex.
Prepretigio hunting All completed PP tests.
Guardian angel Rescue all survivors.
Dust dust You have burned all biological risk elements.

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