Cheats Age of Empires / Definitive Edition – PC, all cheat codes

Age of Empires cheats for PC

(2018) All Age of Empires cheats compiled completely so that your empire will thrive by the fast track. They also operate in defining edition.

Age of Empires For PC, also known as: AOE It is one of those classic strategy games that will never go out of style and that maintain their place even in the current generation thanks to the launch of Age of Empires Definitive Edition that demonstrates again what and will be one of the best real -time strategy games of all time.

But in addition, one of the things we like most in Age of Empires is to be able to use a series of cheats that will allow us to complete the game 100% in a very simple way and that will help us get victorious of all the battles, being able to generate infinite resources (rocks, gold, food and wood), help with construction or create units with which to be invincible in our skirmishes.

Here you will find All cheats for Age of Empires and Age of Empires Definitive Edition For PC. Enter any of the following codes by pressing the Enter key and press it again to achieve the desired effects.

Note: These cheats can only be used in the mode of a player or in the campaign.

Empires Age of Empires for PC

  • Bigdaddy: Black car with launcher.
  • Pepperoni Pizza: 1000 food.
  • Coinage: 1000 gold.
  • Quarry: 1000 stone.
  • Woodstock: 1000 wood.
  • Upsidflintmobile: Quadrigas faster.
  • DIEDIEDIE: All enemy units die.
  • Steroids: Everything is created instantaneously.
  • Photon Man: Man with laser gun.
  • E = mc2 trooper: Man with nuclear gun.
  • Gaia: It gives you the power to control nature, but you lose that of your civilization.
  • Killx: Kill the player X.
  • Hoyohoy: Clergymen are faster and faster.
  • No FOG: Remove the war fog.
  • Reveal Map: Show the map.
  • Stormbilly: Robot
  • JELLYFISH: Transforms villagers into jellyfish.
  • Pow: Powerful unit that goes on a tricycle.
  • Dark Rain: Turn an archer into a tree archer into a tree.
  • Big Bertha: Converts catapults into sacks.
  • Black Rider: Transforms archers on horsemen into black knights.
  • Big Momma: White sports car with launcher.
  • Hari Kari: Lose.
  • Resign: Backing out.
  • Home Run: Gain.
  • ICBM: Your Ballestas and Helepolis are scope of 100.
  • Jack Be Nimble: Catapults are fire.

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