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Multiplayer rewards

Level 5: Skilled Knife 6: Scar-l (Assault Rifle) Level 8: SPAS-12 (shotgun) Level 10: P99 (Pistol) Level 11: Blind Eye (Perk) Level 12: Dragunov (sniper) Level 13: Scrambler(Tactical) Level 14: PKP Pecheneg (Light machine gun) Level 15: Hardline (perk) Level 15: Revenge (death streak) Level 16: MP9 (Automatic gun) Level 18: cm901 (assault rifle) Level 19: Sitrep (perk) Level 20: Specialist (package) Level 21: EMP Grenade (Tactical) Level 22: A550 (sniper) Level 22: Extreme conditioning (perk) Level 24: Javelin (pitcher) Level 26: AA-12 (shotgun) Level 27: Assassin (perk) Level 28: PP90M1 (SMG) Level 29: Smoke Grenade (Tactical) Level 30: MP412 (Pistol) Level 30: Steady AIM (PERK) Level 32: Type 95 (assault rifle) Level 32: Stand final(Death streak) Level 36: Skorpion (Automatic gun) Level 37: Boucing Betty (Antipersonal Mine) Level 38: P90 (SMG) Level 39: SCAVENGER (PERK) Level 40: Stinger (antivehicle pitcher) Level 42: G36C (rifleassault) level 44: RSASS (sniper) Level 45: Trophy System (repel enemy missiles) Level 46: .44 Magnum (gun) Level 47: Overkill (perk) Level 48: Striker (shotgun) Level 50: ACR 6.8 (assault rifle) Level 51: Martyrdom (death streak) Level 52: XM25 (pitcher) Level 53: Claymore (mine) Level 54: MK46 (light machine gun) Level 55: Dead Silence (perk) Level 56: PM9 (SMG) Level 57: Dead Man’s Hand (Death Rust) Level 58: Five Seven (Pistol) Level 60: MK14 (Assault Rifle) Level 61: Tactical Insertion (brand where you regenerate) Level 62: Model 1887 (shotgun) level64: M320 GLM (pitcher) Level 66: MSR (sniper) Level 68: AK-47 (assault rifle) Level 69: Explosives C4 level 70: G18 (Machine Pistol) Level 71: Hollow Points (Death Stock) Level 72:M60E4 (light machine gun) Level 74: MP7 (SMG) Level 76: Desert Eagle (Pistol) Level 77: Portable radar (show enemy movement) Level 78: FAD (assault rifle) Level 80: RPG-7 (pitcher)

Call of Duty Steam Achievements: Modern Warfare 3

Achievement |Description
Back to fight The individual campaign begins in any difficulty.
Too big to fail Destroy the interference tower. Complete ‘Black Tuesday’ in any difficulty.
Settlement Recover the port of New York. Complete ‘destroyer hunter’ in any difficulty.
Carpe Diem It escapes the frank floor of the mountain. Complete ‘Non Grata’ in any difficulty.
Assiduous flying Defends the Russian president. Complete ‘turbulence’ in any difficulty.
Not a good way Infill yourself in the town. Complete ‘Grilled return’ in any difficulty.
One way ticket It reaches Westminster. Complete ‘care with the hole’ in any difficulty.
This is World War 3 Save the US Vice President. UU. Complete ‘Goalpost’ in any difficulty.
sandstorm! Assaults the shipping company. Complete ‘return to the sender’ in any difficulty.
Second conductor Follow Volk’s trail. Complete ‘packaging’ in any difficulty.
We’ll always have Paris Flee from Paris with Volk. Complete ‘The Iron Lady’ in any difficulty.
ˇVive the Révolution! Reaches the Church. Complete ‘the eye of the storm’ in any difficulty.
Requiem Flee from the city. Complete ‘Blood Brothers’ in any difficulty.
Assault on the castle Discover the next Makarov movement. Complete ‘strength’ in any difficulty.
First date Find the girl. Complete ‘calcined earth’ in any difficulty.
Gross diamond Rescue the Russian President. Complete ‘in the burrow’ in any difficulty.
Only intrepids win Complete the campaign in any difficulty.
Alive Survives 1 wave in a special operations survival item.
Justified displays Win 1 star in special operations mission mode.
Jack the Ripper 5 enemies attacked in a row.
The load of the Valquirias Kill 25 enemies in a single pass with the helicopter gunner in ‘Back to the sender’.
The best of the best Complete the campaign in tanned or veteran difficulty.
The big Apple Complete ‘Black Tuesday’ and ‘Destroyer hunter’ in veteran difficulty.
Close danger Brink a helicopter with a smoke grenade of the AC-130 in ‘Packaging’.
Birdie Destroys 2 helicopters without reaching you in a survival game. of special operations.
Out of The Frying Pan… Complete ‘Non Grata’, ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Grilled return’ in veteran difficulty.
revenge! Complete ‘Be careful with the hole’, ‘Goalpost’ and ‘Back to the sender’ in veteran difficulty.
Light City Complete ‘Packaging’ and ‘The Iron Lady’ in veteran difficulty.
The hour Aciaga Complete ‘The eye of the storm’, ‘Blood brothers’ and ‘Fortaleza’ in veteran difficulty.
This is the end Complete ‘burned land’, ‘in the burrow’ and ‘dust dust’ in veteran difficulty.
Confident Get 22 information objects.
Flight attendant
Filo dentado Eliminates a juggernaut with a knife.
Scoutmaster Get 46 information objects.
This is my firepo Kill 30 enemies with the XM25 in
50/50 Complete a mission of special operations mode with the same amount of casualties as your company.
We do not need help Complete a mission of special operations in tanning or veteran without any player falling.
Diana! Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade.
Ménage ŕ trois Destroys 3 tanks with a single shot of 105 mm in ‘The Iron Lady’.
What Goes Up… Destroy all helicopters using only the UGV launcher in ‘Non Grata’ person.
Nein Kill 9 enemies with machine guns of A-10 in ‘Calcinated Earth’.
Tactical Win 1 star in each mission of the special operations mission mode.
For whom the Bell Tolls Destroy all whites with 4 projectiles in the mortar sequence of ‘Grilled return’.
Defensive expenses Buy all the objects of the Arsenal of Survival Equipment.
Get rich or die in the attempt Get a balance of 50.000 $ in a Special Operations Survival Item.
Survivor Survives 10 waves on each mission of special operations survival mode.
Supercompensation Win 48 stars in special operations mission mode.
Gun-runner Buy all survival arsenal objects.
Danger zone Buy all Arsenal Air Support Objects of Survival.
Unstoppable Survives 15 waves on each mission of special operations survival mode.
I will not allow it
Skilled negotiator
Slippery slope
Extra dozen
Ice in the veins
Don’t pass me over
Without a scratch
Stay ice cream
Below zero
Juggrenaut or No Juggrenaut
Deliver this
Demanding buyer
Lights out
Shotgun diplomacy

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