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Direct 1999 mode

The 1999 mode is achieved at the end of the game, but we can also get it directly by introducing the “Konami Code” in the main menu:

Click up (twice), down (twice), left, right, left, right, [esc] and [enter] to activate mode.

In this game mode the difficulty is greater, we have to choose a single specialty, there is less ammunition and low health before. In addition, if we don’t have money to relive, we will lose.

Collectible location

Bioshock Infinite Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Written in the clouds
Welcome to Monument Island
A real gun You killed 25 enemies with the gun (walk).
Dress to succeed You put a piece of equipment in the four slots.
Shock tactics
First -class ticket
Coins between cushions You took 200 containers.
David and Goliat You defeated 20 heavy pesos.
Armed revolt
Vigorous opposition Kills 75 enemies with a vigorizer or while they are under the effects of one.
Hero of the working class
Heartbreaking history You opened 30 tears.
An old friend…
Where have you learned that? Make Elizabeth open 30 locks.
Blood in the streets
Higher education
The bird or the cage
Tin soldier
To eyebrows Completely improve a weapon and vigorizer.
See world
Compulsive buyer You spent 10,000 silver eagles on columbia vending machines.
Clear skies You killed 30 enemies with the precision rifle (eagle eye).
Sweeping the streets You killed 50 enemies with the shotgun (Chinese broom) of the founders or the vox heater.
Major hunt You killed 100 enemies with the carbine (hunter) of the founders or the Ráfaga de los Vox.
In the variety is the spice You used the 8 vigorizers against enemies.
Pyrotechnic teacher You killed 20 enemies with the randacohetes (Retengraneros).
Passionately reciprocal You killed 150 enemies with the metering of the founders or the Vox repetition rifle.
Dangerous load You killed 10 enemies using the dangers of the environment.
In the depths of Salitre
Air murderer Kill 20 enemies with AeroCarril’s coup.
Clockmaking bomb You killed 25 enemies with the handwalk (whipping).
Come a pig You killed 30 enemies with the channel of Andanada (pork) of the founders or the rain of fire vox.
Upload the ribbon You improve your health, your shield or your salts completely.
Seasoned to taste You killed 30 enemies with the crankcase (pepper grinder).
Taking a walk
Marine Pantheon
More for less You attracted 3 enemies to the same vigorizing trap 5 times.
Industrial accident You executed 20 enemies with the air hook.
Strange couple You killed 20 enemies using allies brought through tears.
Like new
Marine hair
Debt settled
Two by one You have demolished two or more enemies using the same gas virote.
Making noise You have achieved five chivatos forcing locks.
Pure and hard pinkerton
Cook and serve You exploded 5 enemies with the microwave in marine pantheon – Episode 1.
Clay pigeon shooting You killed 5 enemies while they fell.
Acrobat with aim You killed 5 enemies with shots at the head while you went in AeroCarril.
Break the ice You pieces 5 frozen enemies with winter old man.
Rompecorazones You killed a handyman shooting him alone in his heart.
Mind’s power You killed 20 enemies using possessed machines.
Infusion of greatness You found all infusions during a game.
I had no ticket You killed 20 enemies throwing from Columbia.
Mortal fall You have demolished an enemy three times after falling silently from a cargo hook.
On the progress You killed 30 enemies while you went in AeroCarril.
Completely equipped You got two improvements for winter elder and microwave in marine pantheon – Episode 1.
Snowball effect You frozen 2 enemies with the same winter elder trap.
Surprise attack You have used a voyeur to make you invisible and knock down 15 enemies in a melee attack.
Combined shock You made all 8 possible vigorizer combinations.
Cotilla You found all the Voxaphones.
What a hangover You killed 5 enemies while you were drunk.
Sightseeing You looked through all telescopes and kinestoscopios.
Confirmed technophobe You destroyed 10 turrets in marine pantheon – episode 1.
Like old times
Friendly skies Defeat all waves in D.EITHER.P. Fervor.
Chain reaction You damaged 15 enemies with an explosive enemy through the microwave in marine pantheon – Episode 1.
Treasure hunt Complete the game in the 1999 mode without spending money on any Dollar Bill.
Duke or Dimwit? Defeat all waves at the Duke and Dimwit Theater.
Museologist Unlock all the objects of the gallery in cloud confrontation.
RUFIAN DE LAS ALZOTEAS Defeat all waves in the crow dome.
Sound enthusiast You gathered all newspapers in Marine Pantheon – Episode 1.
Missile defense system Kill an enemy with explosive damage firing a rocket in the middle of the air in cloud confrontation.
The complete history You have gathered all engraved newspapers and voxáfones in Marino Pantheon ? Episode 2.
COLEGTONTOS He throws an enemy of the city with a backdrop, rescue him and throw him again in clouds confrontation.
Masochistic You have used iron to collect 20 bullets or more in marine pantheon – Episode 2.
Police Sergeant Kill once with each vigorizer and weapon (except with wild horse) in cloud confrontation.
The old “one-dos” Use the eight different combinations of vigorizers to give the final blow to an enemy in cloud confrontation.
Hand of the prophet Defeat all waves in Emporia galleries.
Delight of the thief
Blue Ribbon champion Complete all Blue Ribbon challenges in cloud confrontation.

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