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Difficulty without mercy (no mercy)

The game ends at the level of surviving difficulty (survivor) to activate the level of difficulty without mercy (no mercy).

Select chapter

Once the campaign mode is completed to activate the chapter selection.

Binary Domain Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Search and destruction
THE ARMERO Improves a weapon.
Bumper and without brakes
Compulsive buyer Spend 10.000 credits in vending machines.
Hit and flee
Jackpot Get the fat prize in one of the vending machines.
Robotic assault Jumps on the head of Grand Lancer.
You are a friend Buy nanodispositive for a equipment company.
Aquatic persecution
Assault shooters Destroy 100 assault shooters in campaign.
Looking for refuge
Bad lands
Great caliber hands Improves a category of weapons.
Uncontrolled truck Escapes chase in truck.
Robotic Judas Get your enemies to kill each other 50 times.
Denial and resistance
A HEAD BALANCE Get 50 shots bonuses at the head in campaign.
Ether legacy
Denying fate
The wanted
Armament Pirateo Destroy all enemies with the mobile turret.
Brothers in the fight
The murderous spider Destroy all the spider’s legs.
A moment alone
Shindo: Total trust
Crushing Get 50 blow bonuses in campaign.
One for all Ańde each of the members of the unit to your team even once.
Faye: Total trust
A dead by bullet Get 50 bonuses for victims caused with a single shot, in campaign mode.
Big Bo: Total trust
Big Bo rescue
Oxide unit Complete all chapters in surviving mode.
Life jacket Use first aid myself to relive your companions 10 times.
Cain: Total trust
Charlie: Total trust
Rachael: Total trust
Information collector Get 20 secur-com in Campań.
When whales fly Destroy the four engines of the iron whale.
Instant serial killer Get 50 multiple victims bonuses in Campań.
Shopping Access all sales terminals.
An informed man Get all the secur-com in Campań.
Skill teacher Get all nanodispositive in a single campaign.
Survivor Complete all chapters in Sorry.
The first victory Win a game vs. online whatever the rules are.
Still alive Exceeds a phase in invasion mode.
Resistance hero Exceeds all phases in invasion mode.
Battle teacher Win a game vs. In line with all rules groups.
Tanned in a thousand battles Reach level 50 online.
Each battle is a challenge Exceeds online mode challenges.

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