Battlefield Cheats 3 – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlockable in cooperative

63.000 points: MP412 Rex Pistol126.000 points: KH2002 Assault Rifle189.000 points: MP7 PDW252.000 points: M39 EMR315.000 points: 93r pistol378.000 points: SG553 Carbine441.000 points: G3A3

Unlockable by class

Get a number of points in the different classes of the multiplayer to achieve the following improvements:

Assault kit 4.000 points: defibrillator11.000 points: M32022.000 points: M41638.000 points: M26 Mass60.000 points: AEK-97189.000 points: M16A3124.000 points: F2000166.000 points: AN-94220.000 points: M16A4 (RU) and AK-74M (US)

Engineer kit 3.000 points: FIM-92 Stinger (US) 3.000 points: SA-18 IGLA (RU) 7.000 points: M15 at14 mine.000 points: Scar-H25.000 points: bot eod40.000 points: M458.000 points: A-9182.000 points: FGM-148 Javelin110.000 points: G36C145.000 points: M4A1 (RU) and AKS-74U (US)

Support kit 4.000 points: Explosives C411.000 points: M24923.000 points: Claymore M1840 Mine.000 points: M224 Mortar60.000 points: PKP Pecheneg90.000 points: m240b130.000 points: M60E4170.000 points: M2 IAr (RU) and RPK-74m (US)

Recognition kit 5.000 points: T-UGS13.000 points: SV9826.000 points: Soflam45.000 points: MAV71.000 points: SKS104.000 points: M40A5146.000 points: M98B195.000 points: MK11 Mod 0 (RU) and SVD (US)

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