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Extra costumes

The following extra costumes can be achieved without the need for downloadable content, as bonuses in the game:

Blackst Night: Gain prestige in multiplayer mode.Dark Knight: Complete all the challenges of dark gentleman.Earth 2 Dark Kight: Connect the game with the mobile version of Batman: Arkham Origins.Injustice: Win all medals in the challenge mode.New 52: ends all the most wanted missions.Noel: Find all Enigma Datapacks.One Million: Register at Warner Bros id and links the game.Red are: connect the game with the mobile version, and get 10 costumes in this.

Batman Steam Achievements: Arkham Origins

Achievement |Description
Killer City
An open eye
No one important
Everyone carries masks
Silent gentleman Complete a predator meeting only with silent eliminations.
A rule
Disconnection Deactivate an entire network of a tower.
The first of many Complete an entry of the most wanted.
Sooner or later
What was that? Complete a predator meeting without detecting you.
Fifty in fluid Achieve an x50 combo.
End -to -end Crosses the bridge planning without touching the ground.
Innocent and malefactors Capture all black mask murderers.
Air Marathon Plan 26 miles in total.
Crime fighter Prevents 20 current crimes.
Worldwide Use the aircraft to move to all fast travel points.
Crime researcher Complete all cases.
Counterintelligence Decipher an extortion file.
The best detective in the world Master the best detective path in the world.
ˇTo snow! Receive the extreme environment suit (XE suit).
Drill Monta the criotaladro criotal tunnel store).
For the old times Stop Freeze and take Boyle to justice.
Stalactactic Eliminates two enemies with a single stalactite.
To the rich ice cream Freezes three enemies with a single attack.
ˇBow the revolution! Stop the Anarky’s thugs in the south of the city.
Enigma exposed Get all enigma objects.
The collector Get all collectible objects.
Clean streets Complete all the missions of the most wanted.
What has given me? Eliminates 100 enemies without detecting you.
Justice in the shadows Master the Justiciero’s path in the shadows.
Without setbacks Defeattroke defeats without failing a single counterattack.
Master Do not receive damage while playing with Batman’s secret identity.
The people’s voice Scan 20 brands from Anarky.
We break the ice Release all civilians trapped in cryogenic ice.
Come, it’s cold Execute three elimination with ice wall.
City protector Master the city protector path.
Thanks, old friend Listen to everything Alfred has to say.
Personal Trainer Win all medals on combat training maps.
Impeccable exhibition Face Shiva with success without suffering any damage.
One of each one Use all devices in concentration mode in a single combo.
Marked walls Find all marks of activists in Cold, Cold Heart.
come on! Acquire all improvements.
A criminal out of the ordinary Like elite, wins 4000 PE in a single multiplayer game.
Know your enemy Defeat all enemy players at least once in a multiplayer game.
Dark Knight Legend Complete all the challenges of the dark gentleman.
Something to believe in Complete the new game mode +.
The worst nightmare Master the path of the worst nightmare.
Rescue Kill a hero without reinforcements to recover your band on a complete multiplayer server.
City stories Win an assault on each map with each band in multiplayer.
Medalist Win all the original classifying maps medals of the challenge mode (such as Batman).
Olympic Win all original campaign map medals in the challenge mode (such as Batman).
Arsenal, great Multiplayer weapon fully improves.
Legend A prestige level rises in multiplayer.
I am the night Complete the way I am the night.
The perfect predator Kill 6 elite soldiers in 6 different ways, such as Batman or Robin, in a multiplayer game.
The macabre joke Reaches the highest level with the clown band in multiplayer.
The fallen knight It reaches the highest level with the Bane band in multiplayer.
Superstar The maximum general level in multiplayer reaches.
Good prospects As a hero, he expires 4 elite soldiers in 40 sec. without using melee combat in multiplayer.
Perfectionist Win all maps medals as challenge mode.

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