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Get quick money

There is no trick for it, but following the advice of our guide you will know how to get money quickly from the coffee Théâtre.

Unlockable outfits

The outfits do not affect the characteristics of the character but act as “bases” of their appearance, without giving it more health or skill. They are merely aesthetic modifications. In this section we indicate how to get them.

Altair outfit: It is achieved with the Assassin’s Creed Unity auxiliary application.Bellec outfit: Complete memory 3 of sequence 7.Connor outfit: Get the Assassin’s Creed Initiate of Temple.Edward outfit: Get the Assassin’s Creed Initiates de île Saint-Louis chest.Ezio outfit: Get the Assassin’s Creed Initiate De Saint-Marcel chest.Thomas de Carneillon outfit: Complete all Nostradamus enigmas.Arno’s outfit: Complete all missions of the story mode.Shay Templar outfit: Get the Assassin’s Creed Initiate De la Sorbonne chest.

Franciade defender trophy

You must complete the seven puzzles of The Legacy of Suger in this downloadable content. Doing this you will get a powerful sword.

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