All Age of Mythology cheats for PC

Age of Mythology cheats for PC

Gold, infinite food and wood, God and all the different cheats that we can use in Age of Mythology.

These are all the cheats of Age of Mythology , The classic real -time strategy game for PC.


Press Enter, a cursor will come out, type the following trick (always capital):

  • Junk Food Night : 1000 food.
  • Trojan horse for sale : 1000 wood.
  • Divine intervention : It allows you to use a previously used divine power.
  • Fear The Forage : Encourage berries.
  • In Darkest Night : The night falls.
  • L33T SUPA H4X0R : Fast construction.
  • Engineered Grain : Farm farm animals.
  • Mount Olympus : Full favor.
  • Atm of Erebus : 1000 gold.
  • I want the moncheat codes!!!1! : It gives you a moncheat codes gang.
  • Bawk Bawk Boom : Divine Meteor Power.
  • Wuv Woo : It gives you a lilac flying hippo.
  • Or Canada : It gives you a bear.
  • Box pandoras : It gives you several random divine powers.
  • ISIS HEAR MY PLEA : It gives you heroes of the campaign.
  • Wrath of the Gods : It gives you the ray storm, the earthquake, the meteor and the tornado.
  • Uncertainty and Doubt : Hide map.
  • Lets Go! Now! : Increase game speed.
  • Tide Red : Red water.
  • Lay of the Land : Reveals the map.
  • Ascendant set : Reveals all map animals.
  • Channel Surfing : Next scenario of the campaign mode.
  • Consider The Internet : Slows down the game.
  • Goatunheim : Transforms enemies into goats.
  • Thrill of Victory : Gain.

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