Age of Empires Cheats 3 PC: All cheat codes and codes

Age of Empires 3 cheats for PC

With these cheats you will get all the elements you want and activate curiosities such as gaining all the map animals.

In Age of Empires III Podemos activate a series of the most useful cheats For our games, from getting more resources like wood to gain more gold. There are even those that generate curiosities. To be able to introduce cheats in the game, just Press the “Enter” key During a game, this will open the chat panel where we should type the trick command and then press again “Enter”. Keep in mind that cheats are only valid for a player mode .

Next We show all types of cheats That you can introduce in Age of Empires III, we teach you the code to activate each of them followed by The description or result of the trick (in case there are doubts, the two points are not part of the trick).

General cheats

  • A Recent Study Indicated That 100% Of Herdables Are Obese: instantly fatte all domestic animals on the map.
  • this is too hard: He directly wins the game on any player’s map.
  • Speed Always Wins: Accelerates x100 times all processes (construction, creation of units, etc.).
  • X Marks The Spot: reveals the map, leaving the war fog. Repeat it will not show the progress of the buildings that are or were under construction.


Units cheats

  • Already Gotta Make Do With What already Got: Create a mediocre bombard at the supply point of your hometown, a very powerful artillery piece that firms Capibaras.
  • SOOO GOOD: Comic texts appear on screen when a unit is killed or a building is destroyed.
  • WHERE’S THAT AX?: invokes George Crushington.
  • o Canada 2005: invokes a laser bear.
  • Don’s Kick The Pitbull: invokes a Learicorn, a unicorn rider dressed in tuxedo.
  • We invokes fluffy, the ugliest dog in the world.
  • WUV WOO Vol.2: invokes a flying purple tapepo.
  • wee ooh wee ooh: Create a Bigandy Monster Truck.

Resource cheats

  • Give Me Liberty or Give Me Coin: It gives you +10.000 coins.
  • Medium pleas: It gives you +10.000 food.
  • < Censored > (Without spaces): It gives you +10.000 wood.
  • Nova & Orion: It gives you +10.000 XP.
  • To Whole Lot of Love: It gives you +10.000 of each type of resource.

The Asian Dynasties expansion cheats

  • Trade PLZ: Ańade gives you +10.000 export.
  • Shiver MeBers!: destroy all ships.
  • To Whole Lot of Love: It gives you +10.000 of each type of resource.
  • ding ding: invokes a Monster Ice Cream Truck vehicle.
  • Mustard Relish and Burning Oil: invokes a Flaming Hot Dog Cart vehicle.

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