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You can merge two Yo-Kai in a new one. The result will have advantages of your parents.

ABODABAT: HIDABAT + TENGloombaddinyan: Jibanyan + Roughraffbetterfly: Enerfly + EneflyCASTELIUS I: Castelius ii + castelius iicastelius II: castelius iii + castelius iiidouraumacho: duluma + mochismultimutt KNIGHT: Helmsman + Armsmanreverse: Happierre + DismartatTeclast: Tattletell +LafalotTathornyan: Jibanyan + Coughkoff

In addition, you can merge a I-KAI with a specific object. The new Yo-Kai will have the same level as the original.

Beelzebold: Timidevil + Shard of Evilbetall: Beetler + General’s Soulblizzaria: Frostine + glacial clipbloominoko: noko + drop of joycasanuva: cupistol + love bustercastelius max: castelius i + platinum barachilhuahua: pupsiCle + snowstorm cloakragon lord Dragon Orbeverfore: Grumple + AGELESSPowdergleam: Chansin + Holy Bladepayn: Ake + Buff Weightpinkipoo: Shmoopie + Love Sceptterrhinormous: Rhinoggin + Unbeatable Soulsheen: Chansin + Legendary Bladesigniton: Signibble + GHz Orbsnee: Chansin + Curced Blade Blade Blade Blade Blade Blade


Enter the following codes to obtain the advantages.

5-Star Coin Thank you

Excitement coin (Get it in crank-a-kai for a Yo-Kai or object) TW0B1T5

Hunger Trophy and Brute Bracer ANK

Slithher Trophy and Large Exporb ASC


Yo-Kai Level Evolves to…
D’a wanna fifteen N’More
Negatibuzz 17 Moskevil
Pandle 18 Undy
Cutta-Nah twenty Cutta-Nah-Nah
Cadin twenty-one Cadiable
Hungogramps 22 Hungorge
Dimmy 24 Blandon
DRPLETE 25 Drizzle
SLUSH 25 Alhail
Roughrafff 26 Badude
Fishpypicable 27 Rageon
Neway 29 IMPASS
Walkappa 32 APPAK
Komasan 35 Komane
Komajiro 35 Komiger

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