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Unlock characters

Bowser JR. Play 100 fighting or complete the classic mode in difficult difficulty as bowser

Dark Pit Play 50 fighting or complete the classic mode in difficulty 5.0

Dr. Mario Play 60 fighting or complete the classic mode in normal difficulty like Mario

Duck Hunt Play 110 fighting or complete the classic mode in normal difficulty as Luigi

Falco Play 20 fighting or complete the classic mode once

Ganondorf Play 80 fighting or complete the classic mode in normal difficulty as a link

Jigglypuff Play 120 fighting or complete the classic mode in difficulty 7.0

Lucina Play 40 fighting or complete the classic mode with Marth, Robin or Ike

Mr. Game & Watch Play 90 fighting

Ness Play 10 fights

R.EITHER.B Play 70 fighting

Wario Play 30 fighting or defeat 100 Man Battle

Alternative music

Press R while choosing a stage to change your background music. You will know that you do it well because the shadow of the image will change color when you press R.

Star Fox conversation

When you are playing as Fox or Falco on the corner stage quickly click the address button. If you do it correctly, your character will change his normal provocation and will have a conversation with the rest of the Star Fox team.

New scenarios

Balloon Fight Play how the villager three times

Dream Land (Pupupu Land) Run the Kirby special in a combat Smash.

Flat Zone 2 Play 90 games with MR. Game & Watch and Draftle.

Magicant Play 10 Smash games.

Mute City Win three Smash battles with Captain Falcon.

Pac-Man Labyrinth Execute the final attack Smash with PAC-MAN.

WARIOWARE Play 30 SMASH games.

Extra rules

To activate the extra configuration rules, get 200 kos throughout the game.

Dream Land Monochrome

To choose the Dream Land screen in monochrome style (Game Boy style), keep the L and Select button at the same time when choosing the screen.

Customize boxing ring

Boxing ring changes randomly between one of Smash Bros. and another punch-out!!!, But you can choose it if you want.

Ring of Punch-Out: keep clicking and and select when choosing the phase.Ring of Smash Bros: Stay press L and select when choosing the phase.

Unlockable challenges

Getting the different challenges we will obtain trophies. At first there are only 35 available. When we get them, another 35 will be unlocked. The rest of the trophies is unlocked if we get 60 trophies in total and if we get all the fighters.

First group of challenges

1. (Trophy) TOAD: Get 30 or more trophies.2. (Power Smash Run) Level 1 Horizon Beam: It is first in at least one battle Smash Bros final.3. (Trophy) Epona: The All-Star mode ends in easy.4. (Equipment) American football helmet: Create one or more mii fighters.5. (Trophy) Peach + Birthday: Fight 3 or more times on the Rainbow Road screen.6. (Phase) Dream Land: Use a Smash end playing with Kirby.7. (Trophy) Bonkers: In the Home-Run tournament it reaches more than 300 meters.8. (Special) giant head of the Wii Fit coach: get 10 or more in training in training.9. (Phase) Magicant: Get the hidden character Ness.10. (Power Smash Run) Strong head Level 1: Get 5 heads of the head.eleven. (Pokémon) Xerneas: Play the Target Blast minigame.12. (Head equipment) Super Champion Hat: Play Rival Smash for the first time.13. (Special) Lightning Falcon Kick: Play Streetsmash for the first time.14. (Special) Liftoff Loid (Aldeano): Play two or more times on Tortimer Island.fifteen. (Power Smash Run) Level 2 reflector: Get 10 types of Smash Run powers.16. (Trophy) Timmy & Tommy: Play Trophy Rush for the first time.17. (Phase) Pac-Maze: Use a Smash end playing with Pac-Man.18. (Trophy) Bate of Home-Run: Play Home-Run for the first time.19. (Trophy) Cragalanche El Poderoso: Play 3 or more times in the Forest Bomba phase.twenty. (Phase) Mute City: Wins 3 Smash battles with Captain Falcon.twenty-one. (Trophy) Dark Pit: Get the hidden character Dark Pit.22. (Song) Master Hand: exceeds the classic mode with intensity 3.0 or higher.23. (Phase) Warware, inc.: Get the hidden character Wario.24. (Pokémon) Victini: Play Smash of 100 men for the first time.25. (Phase) Balloon Fight: Use the village 3 or more times.26. (Pokémon) Genelect: Play Endless Smash for the first time.27. (Pokémon) Zorark: exceeds 10-man Smash.28. (Trophy) Karate Joe: Get at least 20 kos in three -minute Smash.29. (Special) Giant Pump (Link): Destroy 300 blocks in Trophy Rush.30. (Equipment) Luigi Hat: Win 3 battles with Luigi.31. (Trophy) MR. Saturn: Win 2 battles with Ness.32. (Equipment) Hat that turns: Play cruel Smash for the first time.33. (Smash Run Power) Strong body Level 1: get 3 unique attire.3. 4. (Equipment) Princess Zelda: Wins 2 battles with Zelda.35. (Trophy) Blast Box: Rate 100.000 or more in Target Blast.

Second group of challenges

36. (Power Smash Run) Spinning Blades Level 2: It remains first in the final battle of Smash with five different characters.37. (Equipment) Beam Sword: Get a combo of more than 40 in training.38. (Music) Menu 2: Get all playable characters.39. (Equipment) Sprinter Agility: Create 3 characters in Custom.40. (Special) near combat (Ike): destroys 1.000 blocks in Trophy Rush.41. (Equipment) Hyper Smasher: Get 100 kos in the game.42. (Trophy) REDD: Get 150 trophies.43. (Trophy) King Bob-OM: Get a total maximum score of 2.000.000 in Target Blast adding all the characters.44. (Power Smash Run) ShinesPark Level 2: Get 5 blows in Streetsmash.Four. Five. (Equipment) KO protection: get 10 or more kos in a rival Smash.46. (Trophy) Golden Retriever: fight 3 or more times in the phase of the room.47. (Trophy) MUGLY: Get 10 kos causing enemies to clash in Streetsmash.48. (Power Smash Run): Instant Drop Level 2: Get 25 types of Smash Run powers.49. (Equipment): Self-asanador: overcomes the 100 men’s SMAH.fifty. (Song) Credits: Clean 99% of the wall during credits.51. (Trophy) Master Hand: The classic mode with five luhcadores ends.52. (Trophy) Dark Emperor: Play 3 or more times on the screen of finding Mii.53. (Special) High-Speed Drill (Meta Knight): Win 5 Smash Battles with Met Knight.54. (Phase) Flat Zone 2: Unlock the Mr character. Game & Watch.55. (Song) Master Core: Trains Master Core.56. (Equipment) First Striker Agility: Achieve 20 or more ko with counterattacks.57. (Equipment) Bate agility of Home-Run: Achieve 600 meters or more in the Home-Run Championship.58. (Trophy) Fire Stingray: Achieve 30 or more kos in Smash Infinito.59. (Power Smash Run) Horizon Beam Level 2: Play Smash Run 5 times.60. (Trophy) Tortimer Island: Get all phases.61. (Trophy) Knuckle Joe: Play 10 hours in total Smash adding all players.62. (Equipment) Samus helmet: wins 10 Smash battles with Samus.63. (Equipment) Smash Ball Attractor: Get 15 special Smash movements.64. (Equipment) Spartan helmet: Get 5 configuralb attire.65. (Equipment) Critical Band Hitter: Get 300 kos in Smash.66. (Equipment) Fast batting band: Play Home-Run Contest with 15 or more fighters.67. (Equipment) Top Hat: Create 8 or more mii fighters.68. (Equipment) Plate armor: Get 10 head items.69. (Trophy) Medusa: exceeds All-Star mode in normal.70. (Pokémon) Meloetta: In the game on more than 8 hours.

Third Group of Challenges

71. (Trophy) Guardians: exceeds the classic mode in intensity 9.0.72. (Power Smash Run) Leader Level 3: Achieve at least 1000 meters in Home-Run Contest.73. (Power Smash Run) Dual Cyclone Level 3: It is first in 20 or more final battles of Smash Run.74. (Equipment) Air Defense UP: Create 10 customizable characters in Custom.75. (Power Smash Run) Recovery Level 3: Get 50 or more Kos in a rival Smash.76. (Equipment) Squat Recovery: Get at least 110 kos in 3 minutes Smash.77. (Trophy) EVIE: Get all the Special, head equipment and outfits.78. (Special) Pop explosion Gun (Diddy Kong): Destroy 3.000 blocks in Trophy Rush.79. (Trophy) Crazy Hand: exceeds the classic mode with all fighters.80. (Special) Easy combination (Marth): exceeds battle of 100 men in less than 3 minutes.81. (Equipment) Walk faster: walk at least 50 kilometers with all fighters.82. (Equipment) Quick Smash: exceeds Smash of 10 men in less than 20 seconds.83. (Equipment) Stronger Salto: Achieve 400 blows among all training fighters.84. (Equipment) Corona: exceeds All-Star mode with all fighters.85. (Atuend) Steampunk clothes: exceeds all red goals in Target Blast.86. (Trophy) Sand of Sand: Have a total score of more than 15.000 meters among all fighters in Home-Run Contest.87. (Trophy) Luigi (polytergust): Get 500 or more trophies.88. (Trophy) Kat & Ana: ends the 10 men’s smash with all the fighters.89. (Special): Explosive Puir (Mario): Get 200.000 or more in Target Blast.90. (Trophy) Shadow: ends the 100 -men smash with all the fighters.91. (Trophy) TV-Game Color: Play in total more than 50 hours of Smash.92. (Power Smash Run) Shuffle Level 3: It remains first in the final battles of Smash Run with all fighters.93. (Power Smash Run) High level jump 3: Jump at least 10 km in total with all fighters.94. (Trophy) Dark Train: Target Blast plays with all fighters.95. (Trophy) Koopa Troopa Green: Get 20 kos hitting enemies against enemies in Streetsmash.96. (Atuend) protective suit: get a maximum combo of 100 or more in training.97. (Equipment) Princess Corona: In the game on for more than 20 hours.98. (Equipment) León Hat: Get 4 or more Kos in Cruel Smash.99. (Trophy) Nintenduji: overcomes All-Star in difficult.100. (Equipment): Skill to launch: Get 1.000 kos in Smash.101. (Equipment) Just Shield Explosion: Get 2 or more Kos in Cruel Smash.102. (Equipment) Futtobi Ring: Get 200 or more Kos in Smash Infinitio.103. (Equipment) Prince Corona: Get all Smash Run powers.104. (Music) All-Star Rest Zone: Finish All-Star with 15 fighters.105. (Trophy) Wentworth: Get 600 or more unique trophies.

Extra trophies

Extra 1: Super Star Trophy: Complete the first panel.Extra 2: Tutorial pork trophy: Complete the second panel.Extra 3: Gold bone trophy: Complete the third panel.

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