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Hard clients of pear

In case of finding an especially difficult customer to convince, look carefully at what type of clothing he carries and tries to guess the brand to which he belongs. In this way, if you show you clothes of the same brand, you will surely have the purchase insured. On the other hand, you can also look at the colors you dressed with. If you show preference for a color (that is, if you have two or more garments of the same color) you can urge you to buy another garment of the same color, even if it is from another brand: you will probably also buy it.

Unlockable extras

If you manage to complete the International competition You will unlock a new option in the main menu: Additional features . In it you can continue your departure with an alternative face (which you will also create).

Faithful clients

Many customers are faithful to certain brands: sometimes, it will be very easy to discover what brand the client prefers, since he will specify them. But, on other occasions, you must investigate a bit to leave it completely satisfied, listening carefully to the client to discover what ‘look’ wants, since each of the sixteen brands of the game has an associated keyword that will be repeated again and againmeasure that we advance in the game. For example, ‘Bohemio’, ‘Hippie’ or ‘Free Spirit’ are words associated with the Terra brand.

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