Star Wars cheats: The power of force – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides

Skins, costumes and cheats

Unlockable Requirements
Cplokbf All powers of force to the fullest.
Momiroxw Amplifies the damage of the laser saber.
CPLZKMZTD Final Dark Side Suit.
Tventvmjz Infinite force power.
Eedopveng Kento clothes.
Cursezrux Final Suit of the Force Side.
QSSPvenxo More health.
Lightsaber More powerful laser saber.
Mandalore Kota Rom.
Holocron Sith clothes.
ZWSFvenxa Sith clothes.
Wookie Father’s clothes in the death star.
Sithlord Unlimited force energy.
HRMXRKven Vader.


When you complete the game, you can see the credits. While these are passing, if you close the console you can hear the breathing of Darth Vader.

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