Spectrobes cheats: At the gates of the Galaxy – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides

Card codes

Code Effect
1432iob Azenor Cotti;Adult spectrobe;Crown;Customizable color 2;Customizable part
4213GBM Bakuraiya Wolve;Secret Spectrobe, Flash
1432cls Defensive seed;Mineral;Increase the maximum defense of a Spectrobe
4213LFP Dendama Spiko;Adult spectrobe;dawn
2341cfs Evolution B;Mineral;Reduces the number of battles necessary to evolve a Spectrobe to 0
3142mhg Extra rooms, laboratory system;4 extra incubation rooms
4213AFJ Health seed;Mineral;Increase the maximum health of a Spectrobe
3124Ape Slizo Isadora (Secret Spectrobe)
2341AIH Leozar Dragos;Evolved Spectrobe;Crown;Customizable part
1432FQ Marine Wing;Parts of the cruise;Complete set
4213FMs Pinska;Adult dark spectrobe, Aurora (you have to have exceeded a certain level of the game to get this)
1432BDJ Plasma wallet;The most powerful gun of the game
2341Ajg Shimainu;Spectrobe breeding;Crown
3124kfn Tamzoa;Spectrobe breeding;Flash;Customizable color 2
3124mog Titanium/Metalium/Marble (5)
1432job Anuberos Boomer

Dgamer achievements

Achievement Requirements
Defated Gelberus Defeat the second High Krawl, Gelberus
Excavation drill Buy all excavation tools
Field Battler Buy 100 Krawl Dust
GEO (holding the object of the ultimate form) Complete the Sequence Battle at level 3
Krawlinator Expires 1000 krawl
Krux’s mask Defeat Krux
New digger I successfully extract 100 objects
Passed Training Complete Rallen’s training battle
Rallen’s Sword Win the first Krawl Dust medal
Spectrobes 2 ds Enter Dgamer in line with a username
Wireless Veteran Play 100 battles by wireless connection (one against one)

Geos and last forms

Equip a geo allows you to create a spectrobe in its ultimate form. This replaces your combo attack and, once you use it, the fight ends. Its use automatically ends with the vortex, but cannot be used in the dry battle.

Unlockable Requirements
Cyclone Geo: Zorna Exceeds the dry battle at level 1
Flame Geo: Tindera Automatically unlocked during the battle that follows the fight against Dolgon and Dolgan
Hammer Geo: Larrup Exceeds the dryness battle at level 3
ICE GEO: ARTEZZA Exceeds the dryness battle at level 5
Gel Plasma: Voltron Exceeds the dryness battle at level 4
Thunder Geo: Fulvina Exceeds the dryness battle at level 2
Wing Geo: Shulla Exceeds the last Sequence Battle (Level 6)

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