Pokémon Rubí omega & Zafiro Alfa Cheats for Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Rubí omega & Zafiro Alfa Cheats for Nintendo 3DS

How to get exclusive Pokémon? How to get the Extras Pokémon? We tell you along with all the cheats of the game.

Pokémon Rubí Omega / Alfiro Zafiro (also known as Raza) It is already a classic of Pokémon games. On this page we tell you how to get some exclusive Pokémon.

Extras Pokémon

Complete these requirements to obtain the following Pokémon

Beldum Complete the Delta episode, then see Steven’s house in Mossdeep.

Camerupt In the Battle Resort, go to the beach house on the right.

Castform Defeat the Agua or Magma team, I later talk to the scientist at the Climate Institute (Weather Institute).


Latios (Ruby) or Latias (Sapphire) Meet Steven on Route 118, then see the Southern Island.

Sharpedo In Battle Resort, see the beach house on the right.

Togepi Defeat Elite 4, then talks to the larger lady near the hot springs in washing.

Wynaut (Egg) Talk to the lady major close to the hot springs in washed.

Exclusive Pokémon

Nuzleaf Evolves from Seedot at level 14 (Route 114).

SEEDOT Route 102, Route 114.


Mawile Cueva near Dewford, Pilar del Cielo, Victoria Road, Kyogre/Groudon domains.

Shiftry Evolves from Nuzleaf, using the leaf stone.

Solarock Meteor cataracts.

Rayquaza Go to Oromar, then sail on the right and you will see a path of stones that lead to a cave, and in turn, to a castle. Use the fast bicycle to go to the summit and fight this legendary Pokémon.

Zangoose Route 114.

MT location

Technical machines or MT (Technical Machines, TM in English) are objects that allow certain Pokémon to learn a movement instantly and increase the friendship of Pokémon. These are the locations.

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