Pokémon Mysterious Pokémon: Infinite Portals – Nintendo 3DS – Cheat codes, Guides,


Pokémon Paradise passwords:

-IRON: 4S9PJQP2-TICKET OF LOUTHERY: 4CHS8MN4-PIKACU: C646T5CK-Secret Power: 4MJ7XP8K-PROTEINE: 62S6Q4YN-Silver Lottery: 85RH84P4-AXEW: HK3JHWW9-TODAS Las Piedras de Force. K4XH-SEMILLA OF LIFE: SQJX25FR-Surrection SEMILLA: P483K4XN-VIOLENT Electric: 4jyyk242-Fight Gift: T8WJYJK3-REGALLO Ghost: 8TSMFYP6-FIRE REGALLY: JQ3Q3T29-GERB 5-Llave Green: H37y9k5n-Red Llave: S3TH8HM8-AORE HEALTHY: 9PRJ7WQX

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