Mario & Sonic cheats at the Olympic Games: Rio 2016 – Nintendo 3DS – Cheat codes, Guides


Jet The Hawk Draft him in football on day 7 of Sonic’s adventure.

Wave The Swallow Draft it in BMX events on the 5th of Mario’s adventure.

Diddy Kong Draft him in 110 meters fence on day 1 of the adventure Mario. Dry Bowser Draft it in javelin launch on day 5 of Sonic adventure. Eggman Nega Draft him in length of length on day 4 of Mario’s adventure. Wendy or. Koopa Draft it in 100 meters free on the 6th of Mario’s adventure. ZAVOK Draft him in boxing on Sonic adventure day. Zazz Draft him in table tennis on day 2 of Sonic adventure. Larry Koopa Draft him in equestrian jump on day 4 of Sonic’s adventure. Rosalina Draft it in rhythmic gymnastics on day 3 of Mario’s adventure. ROUGE THE BAT Draft him in Golf on day 7 of Mario’s adventure. Roy Koopa Defeated in Volleyball on day 2 of Mario’s adventure. Sticks The Badger Draft him in archery on day 3 of Sonic’s adventure.

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