Luigi’s Mansion 2 – Nintendo 3DS – Cheat codes, Guides

The 23 boos

This video shows where to find the 23 boos of the game.

Tower mode

To activate mode Tower of Challenges (Scarescraper Mode) ends the A-4 mission, optical illusions, from the dark village.

Luigi secret movements

These secret movements of Luigi are guided to the player:

Luigi turn : Move in circles the 3DS console stick. After a few moments, Luigi will take a turn on himself.

Luigi confused : Click several times, without doing anything else, and Luigi will end up looking confused to the screen.

Surprise mode

The story mode ends, then complete all the challenges of the way Tower of Challenges . Then you can activate the surprise mode by activating the option “Tower of the Challenges” in the BĂșnquer de E. GADD.

Bonus missions

Finish the tasks indicated to activate the missions:

Gradual infiltration: Capture the five boos in “Villa Dark”.Hostile intrusion: capture the five boos in “Enchanted Towers”.Interruption: Capture the five boos in “Watches Factory”.Severe infestation: captures the three boos in “secret mine”.Terrific invasion: captures the five boos in “treacherous mansion”.

Improvers improvements

Get the indicated amount of gold to get the improvement of succionants:

Deoscurizer Level 2: 4.000 gold.Deoscurizer Level 3: 10.000 gold.Power Level 2: 2.000 gold.Power Level 3: 7.000 gold.Super sucione: 20.000 gold.

The 65 gems

This video shows where to find the 65 game gems.

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