Kirby cheats: Triple Deluxe – Nintendo 3DS – Cheat codes, Guides

True Arena mode

After overcoming The Arena and Dede Tour modes, you will activate the mode True Arena , that faces you DX versions of the final bosses against which you have fought.

Distant traveler level

In the mode Dedede’s Drum Dash There is a fourth level called distant traveler. If you get gold medals at all levels of that way you will unlock it.

Ex phases

Each map area has an ex secret phase. To unlock them you have to get all the sun stones in their areas.

Music Box

Once the mode should be over, you can activate the musical box in the main menu, where you can listen to all the musical themes of the game.

New game modes

After overcoming the story mode and seeing the credits, you will get new ways in the main menu:

The Arena: A way to fight the final bosses of the story mode.

From Tour!: A counterreloj mode in which you play with the king.

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