Cheats Professor Layton and the Lost Future – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides

Layton challenges

They are the most difficult puzzles that we can find in the game. They are found in the Bonus section.

– THE HOUSE OF THE HOTELER: Complete the ten toy cars circuits. – The Messenger House: Complete the twelve commissions for shipping of parrots. – The storyteller’s house: Complete the three drawings of drawings. – Time traveler’s house: Complete the game. – The Puzzle Guardian House: Complete the 165 puzzles.

Secret options

Get enough picats to unlock the following options in the Top Secret section.- Extra character profiles: Complete the 168 puzzles. – Character profiles: get 4200 picats. – Character Voices: Get 5000 Picats. – Game music: get 4700 picats. – Movie: Get 5200 Picarts. – ART: Get 4500 Picarrats.

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