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Spotpass rewards

10 POKEDIAMONDS Receive a friend for Spotpass

10 POKEDIAMONDS Receive five friends visits by Spotpass

10 POKEDIAMONDS Receive ten visits from friends by Spotpass

StreetPass rewards

10 POKEDIAMONDS StreetPass with a person

10 POKEDIAMONDS StreetPass with 20 people

10 POKEDIAMONDS StreetPass with 100 people

10 POKEDIAMONDS StreetPass with 999 people


After obtaining an adventure range 4 or higher, press Start in the patio and you can introduce passwords. This makes other Pokémon available.


PANCHAM 24197410

Smeargy 35325215

North America

PANCHAM 18294319

Smeargy 18014401


Eevee 24771725

European codes

After obtaining the range 4 or more of adventurer you can introduce passwords.

54827636: BLUE OUTFIT87337896: CHANSY52378511: CHARIARD87456259: CHESPIN43777681: CUBCHOO31587215: DENNE17428954: DOUBLA LAREON77394523: FROAKIE98920358: HAWLUCHA32542580: HERACROSS67997111: HITMontop80501954: HYDREIGON26665300: INKAY03339202: JOLTEON01346893: KANGASKHAN3776016 23: LITLEO38676454: MEWSTIC50675021: MEWTH0764676: NOIBAT24197410: PANCHAM70403360: PIKACHU07817569: PIKACHU OUTFIT41749930: PIPLUP05049128: PUMPKABOO25826431: RALTS53536680: RED OUTFIT43522297: RIOLU62660674: SLWBRO35325252 LIX40909306: TOGEPI95359778: TORCHIC92293728: TREECKO70959041: TURTWIG23871470: VAPEON79075980: WURMPLE88236729: ZORARK

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