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Win stars and colors for your coach letter

Complete the following tasks in any order. These are not linked to any particular coach card color. You will win a star to complete each task, until you get five in total.

– Expires the Elite Four.- Win any of the Master Rank Super Contest.- Win one hundred consecutive battles in the Battle Tower.- Win a platinum flag in the subsoil (capture 50 flags).- Capture the 493 Pokémon of the game (excluding the Pokémon associated with private events).

Unlockable Requirements
Black card Win five stars.
Blue card Win a star.
Bronze card Win two stars.
Gold card Win four stars.
Red card You start with this card.
Silver Card Win three stars.

Diamond dust

January 12 (the birthday Junichi Masuda , director of Gamefreaks ), flies to the city of Snowpoint . Instead of the normal snowstorm, you will see an intermittent diamond rain.

Get the National Dex

Complete you Sinnoh Pokedex  Looking at the 150 regional Pokémon of Sinnoh . You see the laboratory Professor Rowan  And talk to him. He OAK professor  The level of your pokedex will appear and upload.

Happy Birthday

After beating the Four elite , You go to talk to Dawn  The day of your birthday and he will congratulate you.

Extra furniture

Unlockable Requirements
Chandelier Walk a total of 300.000 steps.
Great painting Get 30 eggs.
Guest set Expires 50 coaches in coffee.
Music Box Buy racks.
Piano Win the four elite 10 times.
Bust Pokemon 1 Get a silver image of the Battle Frontier.
Bust Pokemon 2 Get five silver images of the Battle Frontier.
Tea set Buy the guest set.
Wall Clock 50 berries.

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