Cheats Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlock characters for multiplayer or fast battles

Requirements Unlockable
Complete Chapter 5 (Nadia) Cyrus – Magician – Explosia Baston – Spears a cane that damages the units when it plays land. Wait three shifts and explode, making more damage.
Complete Chapter 1 (Anwen) Find – Elf – Quick blow – Reduces the load time of all formations to 1 shift.
Complete Chapter 4 (AIDAN) Jezebeth – Demon – crushes walls – explodes enemy barriers, damaging nearby enemies.
Complete Chapter 3 (Fiona) Markal – Not dead – March of the dead – instantly load all elite units and champions.
Complete Chapter 2 (Godric) Varkas – Human – ELRATH Sword – The Sword destroys the first two enemy rows.

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