Cheats Mario Tennis Open – Nintendo 3DS – Cheat codes, Guides

Secret characters

Dry Bowser

The inksplosion level ends in the special ink showdown game

Baby Mario

1-3 ends in the special game Super Mario Tennis

Baby Peach

Rings levels end in the special play Shot game


The superstar level ends in the special game Galaxy Rally


Mario bee: Get the star for eight characters

Birdo: defeat an ACE opponent in Single exhibition match

BOO: Buy 100 different items

Bowser: Get 50 Victoria Medals in online multiplayer mode

Bowser JR.: Get 20 Victoria Medals in Multiplayer Mode online

Mario Cloud: Get the star for ten characters

Daisy: collects 700 ring points in the Ring Shot challenge with another player

Diddy Kong: Find 20 Mii characters

Donkey Kong: Find 50 Mii characters

Dry Bowser: Get 100 Victoria Medals in online multiplayer mode

Mario Fuego: Get the star for two characters

Goomba: Ańade 100 items to the store

Koopa Troopa: Cana 10 consecutive games

Luigi: Wins the Final Cup to Double Tournament

Luma: Get 1500 coins in the Galaxy Rally challenge

Mario: Win the Final Cup Tournament in Single

Peach: collects 800 ring points in the Ring Shot challenge

Petey Pirańa: Reach 50 returns in the ink showdown challenge

Mario pipe: Get star for five characters

Mario Tanooki: Get star for fifteen characters

TOAD: WIN 50.000 coins

Waluigi: Get 800 coins at Super Mario Tennis level 2-4

Wario: Get 800 coins at level 1-4 of Super Mario Tennis

Wiggler: Get 5000 points in the online multiplayer

Yoshi: use the QR code of the official Nintendo website.

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