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A lot of cheats

Ability to buy battle mini-games : To obtain them you must finish the Rollercoaster Mini-Game at the difficult level, with this you will obtain the Woody Battle Ministers.

Ability to buy mini-game elements : Successfully completed the mini-game Rollercoaster in normal difficulty in obtaining the possibility of buying mini-support elements of Woody.

Alternative way to get the mini-game Dungeon Dash : To obtain this fabulous mini-game, you must buy the four mini-games of Woody and the piraƄas plants will give you it.

Bowser land : You must successfully finish the five original tables. Bowser’s baby will be kidnapped by Toad who will ask him to go to Bowser’s land.

Cartoon characters: Press L while you are located in the table to hear the screams of joy of Nintendo’s characters.

Credits: Successly complete all courses in the Bowser Earth, then go to the options menu to get the trick.

Get Ed as a driver in the mini-games: Complete the eight battle mini-games, after this you will have to go to the park mini-games.

Extras Coins: The Rollercoaster mini-asparaster ends completely at an easy level. Toad will reward your effort with 100 coins and another 100 additional currencies for extra lives.

Rollercoaster mini-games: Buy the mini-games (2 vs 2, 3 vs 1 and 4 vs 4) from Woody, to obtain the coaster mini-games. With them you can play all mini-games in adventure mode.

MINI-JUEGOS STAGS (battle mode): Buy three games in each category.

MINI-JUEGOS STAGS (TEST MODE): Buy three games in each category.

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