Cheats Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. – Nintendo 3DS – Cheat codes, Guides

Difficult mode

The game ends at least once to access the difficult level.

Music Box

The game ends to unlock the music box.

Characters ranges

It reaches the level indicated with Mario and Luigi to obtain the following range, which gives you access to new stores and items:

Carazón Rank: Reaching Level 8.Flower range: Reaching level 16.STAR RANGE: Get to level 26.Arciris range: reach level 40.


Complete an expert challenge to get points and unlock more.

Expert clothes: 90 points

Golden hammer: 600 points

Teacher gloves: 800 points

Birthday Boots: 450 points

Corona: 1000 points (completing all the challenges)

Expert Boots: 20 points

Expert hammer: 300 points

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