Cheats GTA Chinatown Wars – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick codes

Enter these codes during the game, without leaving the game.

Codes Requirements
L, L, R, B, B, A, A, R Armor
Up, down, left, right, x, y, l, r Clouds
L, r, x, y, a, b, up, down Explosive gun charger
L, L, R, A, A, B, B, R Health
Up, down, left, right, b, y, r, l Hurricane
Up, down, left, right, a, x, r, l A lot of rain
Up, down, left, right, and, a, l, r Rain
Up, down, left, right, a, b, l, r Sunny
R, X, X, Y, Y, R, L, L, L Lower the search level
L, l, r, y, y, x, x, r Raise the search level
A, up, b, down, left, r, b, right Weapons 1 (Granada, Porra, Pistol, Metralleta, Assault Rifle, Micro Metraltelet, Troked shotgun)
A, up, a, down, left, r, a, right Weapons 2 (Molotov cocktail, teaser, double gun, flamethrower, carbine, submachine gun, double barrel)
A, up, and, down, left, r, and, right Armas 3 (Mines, Mechanical Sierra, Revolver, Lacaluela, Carabina, Metralleta, Double Barril)
A, up, x, down, left, r, x, right Weapons 4 (fragmentation grenade, bat, gun, rocket launches, carbine, micro metral, trimmed shotgun)


Unlockable Requirements
Gold medal Get a 10 score.000 points or more for a weapon.
Fire immunity Get a golden score in the fire truck minigame.
Increase the force of armor Complete the five waves of the vigilante missions with 100% of the deaths achieved.
Run infinite Complete five paramedic missions.

Trophies Requirements
Diamond pills box Unlock it selling hallucinogens.
Golden prismatic Discover forty camels.
Jewelry bell Unlocked by selling depressing drugs.
Platinum syringe Buy heroin.
Silver Box Get benefits of 2000 dollars.
Wooden spoon Lose $ 500 at once.

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