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World at Arms proposes us to build our own base and defend ourselves from enemy attacks. It also lets us attack and defend ourselves with other commanders around the world.

Take advantage of energy: Base growth, almost from the beginning, will be limited by available energy. Up to level 11 we only have one installation to generate energy, to the wind central, which costs almost 6.000 coins. Make sure the buildings that consume energy in your base are necessary, and if you can replace them with others that consume less energy and fulfill the same function.

Take advantage of the space: Our base has an extension where to locate buildings, roads and other extras, and we can expand it to gain space and thus have room for more buildings. But each expansion costs more and more money, so arriving at a time it is more profitable.

Meets the missions before building: The game proposes missions that will give us medals, experience and money. Some of the first missions of the game involve fulfilling attacks in the campaign mode or building buildings at the base. If we have already made those attacks or built these buildings, we will have to do it again, wasting time and resources, having to build another oil well or other vehicle factory. Be sure to Fulfill the missions at the beginning , Then you can do what you want.

Fuel, money, energy and medals: The fuel is generated in oil wells and serves to attack enemies and to fulfill the missions of the story mode. The money is generated in bars, canteen, warehouses and other facilities, but we will have to pick it up every time it is generated. Money is also achieved by fulfilling history mode and, above all, attacking other players .

The energy is generated by our base buildings such as wind centrals.

Finally, the medals are the most valuable of the game, rewards that will give us when performing certain actions, and it is advisable to save and spend them wisely. You never use medals to accelerate a construction or the production of a unit , Invy them in special buildings that can only be bought with medals.

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