Starcraft 2 and Heart of the Swarm cheats, all the cheat codes that exist

Cheats and cheat codes to Starcraft 2

You want the game immediately: WHATBESTINLIFE
You lose the game at the moment: Letsjustbugoutandcalliteven
Eliminate the map warfish: Tooktheredpill
Eliminates food restriction to increase the population limit: Bunker55aliveinside
God mode: Terrible terrible Damage
Get 5.000 minerals: Spectral Tiger
Get 5.000 gas: Realmendrilldeep
Get 5.000 UDS of gas and minerals: WHORUNBARTOWNWN
Eliminate restrictions to investigate technology: Sosayweall
Unlock all improvements: Iamironman
Super fast construction and research: CatfoodForprawins
Deactivate the spell cooldown: Hanshotfirst
Eliminates victory conditions: Tyuhasftthegame
Keep playing after losing: Nevergiveupneversurrender
Instant cure of units: Imadoctornotaroachjim
All free units and buildings: Moredotsmoredots
Use the ┬┤┬┤ultimo Truco introduced: =

Only for custom maps:

Get 5000 UDS of Terracino Gas: Jaynestown

Only for the campaign:

infinite money!, Get 5 million credits Whysoserious
Unlock and jump all missions: Leaveyoursleep
See all kinematics: Eyeofsauron
All research options: Horadricube

Easter Eggs:

That the song Terran Up The Night sounds: Overenginered Codpiece

Unofficial, they may not work:

Get research points: Wapboinkers
Deactivates the time of day: Qrotero
Personalized resources: Dzmhairspring

These are All the cheats that exist for Starcraft 2 and its Heart of the Swarm expansion For PC . Enter any of the codes mentioned above by clicking the Enter key and pressing it again to achieve the desired effects.

Note : These cheats can only be used in the mode of a player or in the campaign, but if you introduce them you will not be able to unlock additional achievements.

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