Poképark cheats: Pikachu’s Big Adventure – Wii – Cheat codes, Guides

Cheat codes

Unlockable Code
Celebi appears 99645049
Darkrai appears 20433557
Goudron appears 45594012
Jirachi appears 8240177
Make Pikachu fly in the flying games 57429445
Snowboard 4823523
Surf table 84925064

Start accelerating in attractions

Press 2 when the race begins, just after the end of the countdown, to start the attractions with acceleration.

Extra characters

In the main menu, look for the password option and put the desired one: Celebi: 99645049

Darkrai: 20433557

Grourudon in Poképark: 49446209

Groudon: 45594012

Jirachi: 8240177

Flying pikachu: 57429445

Pikachu in snow table: 04823523

Pikachu Surfer: 84925064

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