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Initial Pikachu

Rejects recruiting the three initial Pokémons that are in the neighborhood when you start. Continue like this until the option to recruit Pikachu appears.


Reaches the next level to have the corresponding reward.

2: Poke Ball X103: Poke Ball X154: Poke Ball X155: Poke Ball X20, Potion X10, rescuing X10, incense6: Poke Ball X15, Potion X10, rescuIncensus8: Poke Ball X15, Poción X10, Rescuitar X5, Razz Berry X10, Lure Module9: Poke Ball X15, Pocrio X10, Rescuing X5, Razz Berry X3, Lucky Egg, Egg of Luck


When you choose your Pokémon you can change your name. Select your Eevee and put one of these three names to have the evolution you want instead of a random.

Pyro → Flareon Sparky → Jolteon Trainer → Vaporaeon

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